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18th Century Goods

Shop for 18th century reproductions and historic trade goods from Colonial Williamsburg and other products inspired by our collections. Our offerings include leather goods, pewter, reproduction fabrics, creamware, historic recipe soaps, toys, and more.

  • Colonial Williamsburg Reproduction Fabric - Cascading Floral Stripe 100% Cotton Fabric - Product

    Cascading Floral Stripe Fabric

    Cascading Floral Stripe Fabric is a reproduction of a French woodblock-printed textile circa 1775-1800 held in our collections. This fabric is composed of red, white and black-brown, and the pattern alternates between florals and diamond stripes. A...
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  • Colonial Williamsburg Reproduction Fabric - Trails and Leaves 100% Cotton Fabric

    Trails and Leaves Fabric

    Trails and Leaves Fabric features blue and red stripes intertwined with flowers, leaves and vines. It is a reproduction of an antique textile in the Colonial Williamsburg collections.  Features Reproduction fabric 44" wide / 43" without...
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  • Medium Stoneware Mug, 16 oz - reproduction 18th century stoneware mug |  The Shops at Colonial Williamsburg

    Medium Stoneware Mug, 16 oz

    Enjoy your favorite hot or cold beverages with 18th-century style! An indispensable part of tavern life, stoneware mugs with cobalt blue designs were the usual vessels for beer and ale in the 18th-century. This design was inspired by a salt-glazed...
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  • Raleigh Tavern Lantern

    Raleigh Tavern Lantern

    Inspired by a lantern in the front hall of the Raleigh Tavern, where patriots gathered to discuss the ideas and events that led to the American Revolution. Crossbars protect glass panes, while the pierced top provides ventilation. For use indoors or out...
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  • Quill Pen | The Shops at Colonial Williamsburg

    Quill Pen

    A goose feather quill pen and powdered ink were the basic writing instruments in the 18th century. Our quill pens are made from the finest quality bleached white goose pointers. The nib may be re-sharpened and re-shaped as often as necessary...
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  • Leather Blackjack Quart Mug | The Shops at Colonial Williamsburg

    Leather Blackjack Quart Mug

    Leather mugs called jacks were in common use in England and her colonies during the 17th and 18th centuries. They were "jacked" or coated in pitch to make them watertight. Light and durable, these mugs varied in sizes and shapes from pint or smaller to...
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