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18th Century Goods

  • Medium Pierced Creamware Vase

    The 18th Century answer to English passion for Chinese porcelains, creamware is found throughout our collections. Hand Made in England through Hartley Greens & Co. Leeds Pottery, established 1781. This pierced creamware vase has a classic shape with lacy...

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  • Pewter Porringer

    Porringers were popular for individual servings of porridge, soups and stews in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.  This bowl-like pewter vessel also was suited to feed children. Lead free.  4 1/4" dia. Machine engraving available...

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  • Spotted Bird Waterpipe Whistle

    Also known as a "water pipe" or "water warble," these bird whistles are a classic novelty. Bird whistles were popular with 18th-century children and adults. To use, simply fill the whistle with water and then blow gently through it.For best results,...

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  • Boatswain's Pipe

    The boatswain's pipe is one of the oldest and most distinctive pieces of nautical equipment. Also known as a bosun's whistle or flute, it was used to keep the stroke pace on boats, to call cross-bowmen on deck for attack, and later it was used to signal...

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  • Delft Heart Inkwell

    This romantic piece is reproduced from a French faience inkwell, circa 1800. Makes a wonderful gift for writiers, or a sweet piece to add to your décor. Features Reproduction of circa 1800 French Faience Inkwell Tin Glaze Earthenware 1 7/8”H x 2...

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  • Everard Teardrop Glassware

    A vessel with unmatched sleekness and design. A true beauty to behold, this clear glassware features a distinctive teardrop stem, handcrafted by Simon Pearce artisans to replicate an original antique in the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation collections...

  • Heart Bowl Tea Caddy Spoon

    For the British and American colonialists, tea drinking became a way of life, its ritual habits and charming accessories, like this reproduction pewter tea caddy spoon, still delight and fascinate both the historian and the collector today. While the...

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  • Large Maple Skimmer Spoon

    The perfectly sized holes remove liquid quickly without letting food drain through. Use this durable tool to skim soups and sauces, remove ravioli from boiling water, blanch fresh vegetables, and more. The kiln-dried maple hardwood skimmer spoon will not...

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  • Blackjack Quart Mug

      Leather mugs called jacks were in common use in England and her colonies during the 17th and 18th centuries. They were "jacked" or coated in pitch to make them watertight. Light and durable, these mugs varied in sizes and shapes from pint or...

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  • Cream Jug Creamware

    This creamware jug is part of the breakfast set given by Josiah Wedgwood to Queen Charlotte who was so smitten with the delectable china that she allowed him to call it Queensware. The intertwined handle is delicately shaped by hand. The perfect...

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  • Creamware Sugar Bowl

    Present this elegant creamware covered sugar bowl on your serving tray or table with a matching creamware cream jug and teapot for an exquisite set. Creamware, highly fashionable in the mid-18th century, remains so in the early 21st. 4"W, 2 1/2" D   Hand...

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  • Fiddle Handle Shell Bowl Tea Caddy Spoon

    Cast from fine non-tarnishing, no-lead pewter, this round shell-shaped tea caddy spoon features a textured bowl and smooth fiddle handle. It is a reproduction of a spoon in the Colonial Williamsburg collections. Use it to scoop loose tea leaves out of a...

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  • Pewter Cream Pitcher

    Based on an antique circa (1740 - 1780), this cream pitcher has been reproduced. Based on the cream pot design with pad feet, flared rim and double-scroll legs and handle. Add this pewter cream pitcher with the sugar bowl to complete your coffee or tea...

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  • Pewter Sugar Bowl

    Based on an antique circa (1740 - 1780), this pewter sugar bowl has been reproduced. Based on the cream pot design with pad feet, flared rim and double-scroll legs and handle. Add this pewter sugar bowl with the pewter cream pitcher to complete your...

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  • Pewter Teapot

    “Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea.” A. Henry Fielding said it in 1746, and he’s still right. Curvy three-footed pewter teapot with rosewood handle, designed in the London shop of Samuel Ellis. Helps set the right mood and persuade invited...

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  • Randolph Airtwist Glassware

    This distinctive glassware features an elegant airtwist stem, handcrafted by Simon Pearce artisans to replicate an original antique in the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation collections. This classic glassware makes a wonderful addition to any...

  • Amanda N Jarrett Sampler Kit

    Reproduced from an antique sampler in the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation collections, this sampler celebrates both history and art. The original colorful sampler worked by Amanda N. Jarrett represents a fully developed sampler form with outer...

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  • Long Peel

    Like its colonial counterparts, this flat hardwood utensil is useful in the kitchen for removing baked goods from a hot oven. Made in USA. 12" L x 4 ½” W.FeaturesKiln-Dried Hard MapleMade with 17 Different Hand Processes and Final Polishing Treated with...

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