Children's Books

  • The School of Manners

    The School of Manners

    "At Church, at Home, at Table, in Company, in Discourse, at School, abroad, and amoung Boys. With some other short and mixt Precepts. By the Author of the English Exercises." This replica of the fourth edition, as printed in London in 1701, gives all the...
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  • Colonial Colors

    Colonial Colors

    Eight colorful colonial objects-a black three-cornered hat, a red drum, a yellow lady's hat, a green cart, a white wig, a blue shoe, a brown saddle, and orange yarn-are depicted. Colonial Colors board book.   Features Depicts Colorful Colonial...
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  • ABC Hotch Potch Coloring Book

    ABC Hotch Potch Coloring Book

    The illustrations in this coloring book were taken from "The Comical Hotch-Potch or the Alphabet turn'd Posture-Master," a hand-colored print published in London in 1782 by Carington Bowles. The print features a comical character named Hotch-Potch...
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  • Amy, Ben and Catalpa the Cat

    Amy, Ben and Catalpa the Cat

    Great pictures and lots of action! In this full-color alphabet story in verse, Amy, Ben and Catalpa take children on a fun-filled day in 18th-century Williamsburg. No sooner does a fifer pass Amy and Ben's window than they are off to the fair! During...
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  • Liberty: A Day on DoG Street

    Liberty: A Day on DoG Street

    Liberty is Colonial Williamsburg's mascot, a dog just like George Washington may have owned. Join Liberty as she visits the people and places (and animals) of Williamsburg, as she grabs a shoe from the shoemaker, finds her way out the maze behind the...
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  • George Washington's Rules To Live By

    George Washington's Rules To Live By

    When the Father of Our Country was a boy, he copied by hand a list of rules written almost 150 years before, and then passed on from generation to generation. The rules covered everything from table manners and hygiene to integrity and citizenship, and...
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  • Colonial Days Coloring Book

    Colonial Days Coloring Book

    Time to shear the sheep! Eve milks a cow. Sarah and Eve card the wool. Betsy and Peyton tend the garden. Yum! Sarah and her mother make an apple pie. William and Betsy are ready for the ball. Keep the hoop rolling, Bristol! Betsy rides through town in a...
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  • Maria's Story: 1773

    Maria's Story: 1773

    The Young Americans Book Series by award-winning author Joan Lowery Nixon When Maria Rind's father dies, her mother is forced to continue his work writing and publishing the Virginia Gazette newspaper. That leaves Maria to look after her three...
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  • Red Thunder

    Red Thunder

    While cannons thundered, swords flashed, and the sky turned red with flame, Nate Chandler and his enslaved friend, James, went about the darker business of espionage. Their spy world of whispered conspiracies, secret missions alone in the dead of night,...
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  • Nancy's Story: 1765

    Nancy's Story: 1765

    The Young Americans Book Series by award-winning author Joan Lowery NixonVirginians are protesting the Stamp Act and Nancy Geddy is afraid the uncertain times will harm her father's business. And if that worry is not enough, Nancy's stepmother is making...
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