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Colonial Williamsburg Publications

Books in this section are official publications of The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.

  • Colonial Williamsburg: The Story | The Shops at Colonial Williamsburg

    Colonial Williamsburg: The Story

    It was in Williamsburg, Virginia, that American independence—and democracy—took root. And it is in the Historic Area of Colonial Williamsburg that millions have learned about the continuing relevance of America's founding ideas. Spanning...

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  • Colonial Williamsburg: The Official Guide

    Colonial Williamsburg: The Guide

    No visit to Colonial Williamsburg is complete without our official guide book! This first new edition of Colonial Williamsburg's official guide since 2014, this book includes information on all of Colonial Williamsburg's historic sites. This guide...

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  • Restoring Williamsburg - front cover

    Restoring Williamsburg

    From our fascinating and highly readable best-selling classic, Williamsburg Before and After to our revised and expanded edition, Restoring Williamsburg combines the history of a major restoration bringing the story up to present. Sheds new...

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  • The Coins of Colonial America

    The Coins of Colonial America

    An impressive collection of antique coins donated to the Foundation is the focus of this book. Joseph Lasser contributed an overview about currency in colonial North America and sections on "Latin American Origins," "Coins Powered World Trade," "Coins in...

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  • The Amazing Trade Shop Math Race HERO DVD

    The Amazing Trade Shop Math Race HERO DVD

    Colonial Williamsburg's tradespeople help two teams of students in a race against the clock to help the Continental Army! Quirky "Professor Eddie" highlights how students use their math skills to make shirts, bread, cartridge boxes, and more. Also...

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  • Search For A Century DVD

    Search For A Century DVD

    Part 7 of The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation Archive Series: Colonial Life through a Lens. This 1980 documentary is Ivor Noel Hume's four-year archaeological discovery of Martin's Hundred Plantation—a 17th-century plantation that supplied many...

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  • A Glorious System Of Things DVD

    A Glorious System Of Things DVD

    Part 8 of The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation Archive Series: Colonial Life through a Lens. The 18th century was an age marked by an upsurge of scientific curiosity, and this 1983 docudrama shows how early American colonists learned of such important...

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  • Hammerman In Williamsburg DVD

    Hammerman In Williamsburg DVD

    Part 5 of The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation Archive Series: The Trades of Colonial Williamsburg In this realistic 1973 dramatization of life in colonial Virginia, our master blacksmith explains why the "hammerman" was one of the most vital...

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  • The Colonial Naturalist DVD

    The Colonial Naturalist DVD

    Part 3 of The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation Archive Series: Colonial Life through a Lens. Filmed in 1965, this docudrama highlights Mark Catesby's first visit to the colonies, where the self-trained naturalist spent time observing his natural...

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  • The Williamsburg Cookbook

    The Williamsburg Cookbook

    Once tasted, the food of Williamsburg is not forgotten. Visitors return again and again for Chowning Tavern's Brunswick Stew, Christiana Campbell's Spoon Bread, the Williamsburg Inn's Breast of Turkey Supreme and countless other delicacies. In this...

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  • Colonial Williamsburg Hauntings

    Colonial Williamsburg Hauntings

    Based on the official Colonial Williamsburg ghost tours, this book features stories from employees, residents and guests. Here are tales of unexplained alarms, moving chairs and windows, even flying checkerboards - plus spooky images of scenes guests on...

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  • The Swords of George Washington

    The Swords of George Washington

    The nine known swords owned by George Washington have long fascinated collectors, and now, for the first time, they are all properly illustrated and discussed in the same place. The book presents each weapon in brilliant color and each story in vivid...

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  • Ghosts Amongst Us

    Ghosts Amongst Us

    Based in part on Colonial Williamsburg's popular evening programs "Cry Witch" and "Ghosts Amongst Us"—and also including stories that have never been performed—here are the tales that chilled and amused Virginians over two hundred years ago...

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