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Discover original Colonial Williamsburg Publications and other books related to 18th century America in our Books & Media categories. Our selection includes children's books, non-fiction and fiction, cooking and gardening, arts and crafts, Colonial Williamsburg guide books, music, DVDs, and writing materials and stationary.

  • The Journal of Major George Washington

    In 1753, Virginia Governor Dinwiddie appointed 21-year-old Major George Washington to a delicate mission - deliver a letter to the local French commander demanding that he and his forces leave British Territory and bargain for support with the local...

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  • Drummer's Call DVD/CD Set

    Commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Colonial Williamsburg Fifes and Drums with this two-disc set. Released in spring 2008, the stirring 60-minute documentary-for-broadcast DVD Drummers Call: America's Fife & Drum Tradition chronicles...

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  • Colonial Williamsburg Townscape Magnet | The Shops at Colonial Williamsburg

    Colonial Williamsburg Townscape Magnet

    Remember your trip to the Historic Area fondly with our Colonial Williamsburg Townscape Magnet. This souvenir magnet features a panoramic image of the Governor's Palace, the Magazine, Capitol, the Fife and Drum corps, and a carriage. 

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  • Alexander Hamilton Signature Notebook - Embossed leather notebook

    Alexander Hamilton Signature Notebook

    Now you can put pen to paper in your very own Alexander Hamilton Signature Notebook, and let his words encourage and inspire you as you record your daily musings. Features Moleskin-like binding Cream paper stock and an elegant ribbon page...

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  • Snowy Village Boxed Christmas Cards | The Shops at Colonial Williamsburg

    Snowy Village Boxed Christmas Cards

    If you have had the pleasure of spending the holiday season at Colonial Williamsburg, these cards are sure to bring back warm memories of the peace that falls over our "snowy village" when the cooler months arrive. Each card and and matching envelope...

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  • Washington's Spies: Turn

    Filled with espionage and intrigue, Washington's Spies: The Story of America's First Spy Ring shows a side of Amercian history that isn't taught in school. Readers who love a good spy story, American history, or military strategy will be enthralled with...

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  • Silversmith Of Williamsburg DVD

    Part 6 of The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation Archive Series: The Trades of Colonial Williamsburg The colonial silversmith produced items both functional and beautiful. In this 1971 docudrama, silver scraps are transformed into a magnificent new...

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  • A Horse's Tale

    In A Horse's Tale, young readers will discover new friends as all of Williamsburg rallies to cheer up Garrick's sad horse. Margaret sews a counterpane for his back, and Ben checks the horseshoes to make sure they're not too tight. Nothing soothes...

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  • The Coins of Colonial America

    An impressive collection of antique coins donated to the Foundation is the focus of this book. Joseph Lasser contributed an overview about currency in colonial North America and sections on "Latin American Origins," "Coins Powered World Trade," "Coins in...

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  • The Magical American Revolutionary Society

    A long-lost manuscript has been discovered in a musty attic. Its contents, as related in this little book, The Magical American Revolutionary Society, The Secret History, tell of C. Thaddeus Forrest, a mysterious figure who in 1775 invited the youth of...

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  • Thomas Jefferson Art of Power

    A No. 1 New York Times Bestseller, Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power has been named one of the best books of the year by The New York Times Book Review, The Washington Post, Entertainment Weekly, and more. Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jon Meacham once...

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