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Kitchen & Tabletop

  • Chowning's Tavern Square Tray

    This square trinket tray bears the insignia of the Chowning's Tavern and the name of the proprietor, Josiah Chowning, inspired by the decor of the eponymous historic tavern in Colonial Williamsburg. 5" square. Porcelain.Features5" sq. Porcelain Food...

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  • Colonial Williamsburg Christiana Campbell's Tavern Dinnerware

    Christiana Campbell's Tavern Dinnerware

    This charming blue and white pattern, incorporating a squirrel with grapevine, is based on fragments of a delft plate discovered in Williamsburg. This Christiana Campbell's Tavern dinnerware is a variation of a familiar Chinese pattern, indicating...

  • Colonial Williamsburg Cypher Pilsner Glass

    Forward and backward "C"'s are artfully entwined with a central "W" on the handsome cypher seal stamped in pewter on this glassware. Cypher monograms were fashionable in the 18th-century for embellishing everything from wax seals to articles of clothing...

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  • CW Quote Flower Pot Mug

    This planter-shaped mug features the Colonial Williamsburg logo on one side and a quote from John Custis, "The Greatest Pleasure I find is in my Garden." on the other. A fun Williamsburg souvenir to remind you of our peaceful gardens located throughout...

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  • Grafting Whimsy Soup/Cereal Bowl Set

    Enjoy your favorite soup or cereal with this cheerful set of Grafting Whimsy colorful bowls. Featuring patterns taken from a rare 17th-century book in the Colonial Williamsburg archives, each bowl offers a pop of pattern to your day in gold, emerald,...

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  • Indienne Rug Coaster Set

    Spread a little tradition wherever you want to relax, enjoy a drink ... and protect your table. With a detailed medallion and floral motif, these coaster rugs will add a touch of rich elegance to any room or party. This pattern was inspired by rugs in...

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  • Jefferson Brass Cipher Trivet

    TJ forward, TJ backward. The initials of our multitalented third president, all swirled together in the finest cipher tradition. See it? It's almost too handsome to cover. The perfect wedding or anniversary gift, or consider it art worthy of display for...

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  • Keepers Key Hook

    The Keepers Key Hook serves not only as an antique-inspired piece of decorative wall art, it also doubles as a place to store your keys! Convenient hooks allow you to hang five sets of keys, so you and your family can be on the go at a moment's notice...

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  • Colonial Williamsburg King's Arms Tavern Dinnerware

    King's Arms Tavern Dinnerware

    Unabashedly regal. Still used daily at the King’s Arms Tavern. The famed lion and unicorn coat of arms of Britain’s royal Hanover line (1714-1837) embellishes this popular and historic creamware. Please note that all items in this collection...

  • Large Maple Skimmer Spoon

    The perfectly sized holes remove liquid quickly without letting food drain through. Use this durable tool to skim soups and sauces, remove ravioli from boiling water, blanch fresh vegetables, and more. The kiln-dried maple hardwood skimmer spoon will not...

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  • Long Maple Wooden Spoon

    The versatile long maple wooden spoon is one of the few utensils as essential in today's kitchens as it was 200 years ago. 17"LFeaturesKiln-Dried Hard Maple Made with 17 Different Hand Processes and Final Polishing Treated with Mineral Oil 17” L Made...

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  • Long Peel

    Like its colonial counterparts, this flat hardwood utensil is useful in the kitchen for removing baked goods from a hot oven. Made in USA. 12" L x 4 ½” W.FeaturesKiln-Dried Hard MapleMade with 17 Different Hand Processes and Final Polishing Treated with...

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  • Maple Short Spoon

    The versatile wooden spoon is one of the few utensils as essential in today's kitchens as it was 200 years ago. Features Kiln-Dried Hard Maple Made with 17 Different Hand Processes and Final Polishing Treated with Mineral Oil 10 1/4" L x 3 1/2" W Made...

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  • Mistletoe Plaid Table Runner

    Subtle tones of sage, yellow and neutral accents of this Mistletoe Plaid Table Runner, creates the perfect backdrop to a minimalist yet festive holiday table. No matter your holiday traditions, celebrate in style with these table linens...

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  • No Stamp Act Coaster

    In March 1765 Britain enacted the Stamp Act to raise money from the American colonies. It was the first direct tax on the colonies and provoked an immediate, violent response. The colonists, outraged at being taxed without their consent, refused to pay...

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  • Pewter Porringer

    Porringers were popular for individual servings of porridge, soups and stews in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.  This bowl-like pewter vessel also was suited to feed children. Lead free.  4 1/4" dia. Machine engraving available. Please...

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  • Pineapple Double Old Fashioned Glasses Set

    Set your table with a touch of classic hospitality. This striking glassware are perfectly engraved with several detailed pineapples, and then each glass is delicately polished to a fine glow. A symbol of hospitality, pineapples became popular as...

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