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Kitchen & Tabletop

  • Heart Bowl Tea Caddy Spoon

    For the British and American colonialists, tea drinking became a way of life, its ritual habits and charming accessories, like this reproduction pewter tea caddy spoon, still delight and fascinate both the historian and the collector today. While the...

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  • Royal Scroll Hostess Set

    The elegance of our Queen Anne sterling flatware interpreted in 18/10 stainless. Simple, elegant and perfectly balanced, the Royal Scroll Hostess Set is based on the most popular flatware pattern of the 18th century.  It will look as refined with...

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  • Apple Shell Tea Caddy Spoon

    This pewter Apple Shell Tea Caddy Spoon is a reproduction of an actual heirloom in Colonial Williamsburg collections. Tea caddy spoons were popular in the 1700s, when tea was more expensive, and were used for measuring tea leaves. Handcrafted in the USA...

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  • Everard Teardrop Glassware

    A vessel with unmatched sleekness and design. A true beauty to behold, this clear glassware features a distinctive teardrop stem, handcrafted by Simon Pearce artisans to replicate an original antique in the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation collections...

  • Hero and Rebel Double Old-Fashioned Glasses

    Pay tribute to our founding fathers with this set of four different Hero and Rebel double old-fashioned glasses. Ideal for the politico in your family, liberal or conservative alike, each glass features a different etched personality trait essential to...

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  • Jefferson Nickel Cipher Trivet

    Almost too handsome to cover, this solid brass table-saver is elegantly finished in gleaming nickel. The perfect wedding or anniversary gift, or consider it art worthy of display for your wall. Handsomely boxed. Jefferson Nickel Cipher Trivet 6"W x 5...

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  • Levingston Carafe Glassware

    The Levingston glassware collection features a fetching relief-stamped seal, taken from a large 17th-century communal cup, known as a tyg, a form used prior to the proliferation of individual drinkware in the 18th century. Features GlassCarafe: 24 oz...

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  • Maple Short Spoon

    The versatile wooden spoon is one of the few utensils as essential in today's kitchens as it was 200 years ago. Features Kiln-Dried Hard Maple Made with 17 Different Hand Processes and Final Polishing Treated with Mineral Oil 10 1/4" L x 3 1/2" W Made...

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  • Botanical Garden Salad Plate Set

    Our popular Levingston dinnerware is now enhanced with flowers and ferns from the “Botanical Garden” print collection. These stoneware salad plates are microwave and dishwasher safe, unlike the 17th and 18th-century ceramics in the Colonial Williamsburg...

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  • Caskata Casablanca Wide Mug

    The Caskata Casablanca Wide Mug features an ornate geometric pattern in a bold crimson makes a statement at the table. Serve coffee and tea in style with this beautifully hand-decorated mug from Caskata. Features Holds 14 oz. Porcelain Dishwasher...

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  • Catesby Bird Collage Placemats

    A modern spin on British naturalist Mark Catesby's drawings of New World flora and fauna, the Catesby collection adds a colorful pop to your dishes, glasses and flatware. Features Tan, white, red, gray, yellow, green and blue Set of 4 hardboard...

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  • Dandelion Court Table Linens - Placemat

    Dandelion Court Table Linens

    Traditional and ever-beautiful, the Dandelion Court tabletop collection lends a classic element to your home. Designed in collaboration with WILLIAMSBURG, this charming collection is inspired by an 18th-century silk jacket from the WILLIAMSBURG archives...

  • White Milk Bucket Cheese Servers

    White Milk Bucket Cheese Servers

    Add some on-trend farmhouse style to your table with this antique-inspired set of cheese servers. The embossed handle of each enamelware piece adds subtle texture and design detail to the table. Features EnamelSet includes 3 cheese servers Product...

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  • Grafting Whimsy Tea For One

    Enjoy your favorite beverage in this cheerful tea-for-one set. Featuring a bevvy of colors and patterns to brighten your morning, this 3-piece set will serve you the perfect "cuppa" every time. Teapot holds 12 oz. Teacup holds 10 oz. Dishwasher and...

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  • Indienne Rug Coaster Set

    Spread a little tradition wherever you want to relax, enjoy a drink ... and protect your table. With a detailed medallion and floral motif, these coaster rugs will add a touch of rich elegance to any room or party. This pattern was inspired by rugs in...

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  • Long Maple Wooden Spoon

    The versatile long maple wooden spoon is one of the few utensils as essential in today's kitchens as it was 200 years ago. 17"L Features Kiln-Dried Hard Maple Made with 17 Different Hand Processes and Final Polishing Treated with Mineral Oil 17” L Made...

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  • Pewter Porringer

    Porringers were popular for individual servings of porridge, soups and stews in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.  This bowl-like pewter vessel also was suited to feed children. Lead free.  4 1/4" dia. Machine engraving available...

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