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The gardens of Colonial Williamsburg are among the most-loved spaces in the historic area. Create your own inspired garden with accents, heirloom seeds, garden pots, and reproduction pieces such as bird bottles, bell jars, lanterns and more.

  • Black Magnolia Tote

    Inspired by botanical drawings by renowned naturalist Georg Ehret, this black, white and green tote is a beautiful vessel for holding everything you need for a day of errands, a picnic or a day on the town. Available in Small and Large. Small: 10"L x 5"W...

  • Holiday Garland on Fence Garden Flag

    A beautiful arrangement of pine and holly secured by a red bow brings life to a suburban white picket fence on this Holiday Garland on Fence garden flag. 12 1/2"L x 18"W. Fade and mildew resistant. Features 100% polyester Fade and mildew resistant 12...

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  • Cloche Bell Jar

    Protect fragile display pieces, centerpieces, plants, even show-stopping food presentations, with these cloche bell jars. Coveted in the 18th century as individual greenhouses for tender plants, these beautiful mouth-blown glass domes make beautiful...

  • Evening Primrose Flower Seeds

    Evening Primrose Flower Seeds

    Evening primrose, also known as sundrops, are hardy perennials which were discovered in North America and brought to Europe in the early 17th century. They quickly became a cottage garden favorite because of their showy yellow flowers which burst into...

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  • Pineapple Crest Indoor/Outdoor Pillow

    Perfect for indoors or out, this Pineapple Crest Pillow adds antique Southern charm and refined elegance anywhere in your home. Its muted color palette makes it easy to add it to your collection of throw pilows, or stand alone as a single accent. 18" sq...

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  • Magnolia Indoor/Outdoor Pillow

    Perfect for indoors or out, this Magnolia Pillow adds Southern charm and refined elegance anywhere in your home. Its muted color palette makes it easy to add it to your collection of throw pillows, or stand alone as a single accent. 18" sq. Polyester...

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  • Eucalyptus Wreath House Flag

    Greet guests with soothing hues and adorable feathered friends. The Eucalyptus Wreath House Flag features a green border surrounding a pair of birds on a leafy green, blue and brown wreath. It is made from exclusive 600 denier SolarSilk®. This...

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  • Fall Wreath Doormat Insert

    A festive and colorful wreath perfect for the season and for welcoming guests! This Fall Wreath doormat insert can be used stand-alone or as interchangeable inserts in MatMates™ Doormat Trays (as shown, sold separately). Non-slip recycled rubber backing...

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  • Cornflower Flower Seeds

    The Colonial Williamsburg seed program offers many of the same varieties of flowers, herbs, and vegetables grown in the 18th century, such as these Cornflower Flower Seeds. Product Features Packet of Cornflower Flower Seeds Annual plant Centaurea...

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  • Autumn Symphony Garden Flag

    Welcome the fruits of fall with this colorful outdoor décor! This Autumn Symphony garden flag is made of exclusive SolarSilk® 600 denier polyester for greater durability, yet it has a softer, silkier feel for better drape and movement. Fade...

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  • Green Tulip Planter

    For your kitchen window or next door neighbor, simply fill this green porcelain tulip planter with tulips or another plant for a bright and cheerful display. This solid green tulip planter is available in two sizes. Small: 5¼"H x 6"D and...

  • Plants of Colonial Williamsburg

    This guide to the plants in Colonial Williamsburg's gardens describes and discusses two hundred flowers, trees, herbs, and shrubs. The historical background of each plant links it with the colonial period. Brief biographies of early plantsmen explain the...

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  • Wrought Iron Garden Flag Stand

    Celebrate any time of year in flag-waving style! Display our seasonal flags year-round with this wrought iron garden flag stand. Easy to assemble and easily inserts into the ground. 42"H x 16"W. Wrought iron. Inspiration Unlike samplers and...

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  • Yellow Crookneck Squash Vegetable Seeds

    Introduced around 1700, this squash variety is still very popular today with home gardeners. Fruits are smooth skinned, pale yellow that turn orange and warted when overripe. The flesh is cream-colored, sweet, and mild. Product Features Packet of...

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  • Small Tuscan Floral Cachepot

    Small Tuscan Floral Cachepot

    Bring antique Italian style to the home and garden. Featuring a faux-cracked porcelain finish, this multi-color small floral cachepot (or planter) displays scrolling vines and florals with Old World decorative elements and trim for an even brighter...

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  • English Daisy Flower Seeds

    English Daisy Flower Seeds

    The English daisy is a perennial that is native, not to England, but to Europe. It has been cultivated since time immemorial. Double flowering daisies appeared sometime during the 16th century. In the 17th century, streaked and speckled cultivars began...

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  • Pineapple Flag Pole

    The perfect accent to fly your house flag with this pineapple finial flag pole sticking out above the flag to give it a hospitable touch. Features Wrought ironPineapple finial5' L

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