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The gardens of Colonial Williamsburg are among the most-loved spaces in the historic area. Create your own inspired garden with accents, heirloom seeds, garden pots, and reproduction pieces such as bird bottles, bell jars, lanterns and more.

  • Violet Powder

    Violet Powder

    Indulge yourself, or a friend, with the soothing scent of violets as you dust your skin with this alluring powder and imagine yourself a fine gentry lady of the 18th century. More luxurious than perfume or scented lotion, our special blend combines...

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  • Mini Lanterns & Stands | The Shops at Colonial Williamsburg

    Mini Lanterns & Stands

    Useful in design, neutral in color, you'll find yourself thinking of dozens of places for these mini votive lanterns: Accents on patio side tables, strung on garlands or multiple hooks, or clustered on windowsills. Barely 5 inches tall, these Mini...

  • WILLIAMSBURG Garden Guest Soaps

    WILLIAMSBURG Garden Guest Soaps

    Charming packaging matched only by the delightful scent of the six different all-natural soaps they encase Garden Violet, Fresh Lemon, Hydrangea, Spring Garden, Dogwood Blossom, and Magnolia. These fine, all-natural soaps are inspired by the spring...

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  • WILLIAMSBURG Magnolia Soaps

    WILLIAMSBURG Magnolia Soaps

    Our WILLIAMSBURG Magnolia Soaps are triple-milled vegan soaps enriched with natural olive oil, just as they were in the 18th century. These luxurious soaps are beautifully packaged and make an elegant gift. Features Set of three soaps Magnolia...

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  • Classic Magnolia Wreath

    Classic Magnolia Wreath

    Classic and timeless, this elegant magnolia wreath will add an air of sophistication and a touch of Southern hospitality to your front door or home. Just like today, colonial residents often used the natural elements in their surroundings to decorate...

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  • Flowers and Herbs of Early America

    Flowers and Herbs of Early America

    Rediscover our American botanical heritage with this chronicle of the history and cultivation of 56 species of colonial flowers and herbs. Researched and written by master gardener Lawrence Griffith, curator of plants for The Colonial Williamsburg...

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  • Green Leaf Magnolia Wreath 30" | The Shops at Colonial Williamsburg

    Green Leaf Magnolia Wreath 30"

    A simple pop of green can add natural warmth to an interior space any time of the year. This large Green Leaf Magnolia Wreath provides an understated look that transitions easily from season to season. Leave it plain or add a bow to change up the...

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