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The gardens of Colonial Williamsburg are among the most-loved spaces in the historic area. Create your own inspired garden with accents, heirloom seeds, garden pots, and reproduction pieces such as bird bottles, bell jars, lanterns and more.

  • English Daisy Flower Seeds

    English Daisy Flower Seeds

    The English daisy is a perennial that is native, not to England, but to Europe. It has been cultivated since time immemorial. Double flowering daisies appeared sometime during the 16th century. In the 17th century, streaked and speckled cultivars began...

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  • Holiday Birds with Gazebo Mailwrap

    A festively decorated white gazebo surrounded by holly serves as a quiet perch for cardinals and other feathered friends. This Holiday Birds with Gazebo mailwrap is vinyl with a magnetic strip.  Features 18"L x 6 1/2"W Vinyl with magnetic...

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  • Steel Plant Trivets

    These steel plant trivets are useful, attractive, and affordable. Artfully scrolled steel provides a flattering platform indoors or excellent drainage outdoors (for pots without saucers). The plant trivets' black finish coordinates with other black metal...

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  • Thunderglass with Cast Iron Holder

    Forget the weather app on your smartphone! This historically-inspired water barometer, also known as a "weather glass" or "thunderglass," shows one of the earliest known weather forecasting tools. The water level in the spout rises and falls with changes...

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  • Tomato Costuluto Genoves Vegetable Seeds

    One of the most interesting heirloom tomatoes, Costuluto Genoves is a rich red with deep ribbing. Of all the vegetables grown in America, none is more universally loved than the tomato, and yet, for many decades, this delightful fruit was shunned by...

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  • Torchier LED Simulated Fire Base

    This clever pillar candle is topped with a realistic dancing "flame" that makes it safe and easy to illuminate lanterns, tabletop displays, and windows, complete with an LED light, remote, rechargeable battery and USB cord for convenient use. Perfect for...

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  • Winterberry Garden Flag

    A Merry & Bright outdoor home accent! This Winterberry garden flag is made of exclusive SolarSilk® 600 denier polyester for greater durability, yet it has a softer, silkier feel for better drape and movement. Fade and mildew resistant. 12.5" x...

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  • Autumn Symphony House Flag

    Welcome the fruits of fall with this colorful outdoor décor! This Autumn Symphony house flag is made from exclusive 600 denier SolarSilk®. It has a soft, silky feel, natural drape and movement, superior print quality, and excellent fade and...

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  • Flowers and Herbs of Early America

    Rediscover our American botanical heritage with this chronicle of the history and cultivation of 56 species of colonial flowers and herbs. Researched and written by master gardener Lawrence Griffith, curator of plants for The Colonial Williamsburg...

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  • Rocket Larkspur Flower Seeds

    This annual plant was introduced into Britain in the mid-1500s from its native habitat in the Mediterranean. The name, larkspur, probably originated in England and refers to the horn-shaped nectary of the flower which resembles the spur of a lark's claw...

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  • Colonial Williamsburg Heirloom Flax Flower Seeds - product

    Flax Flower Seeds

    Flax was one of the most important crops to early American farmers and to the economy of our emerging nation. The broad-leaf plant has very small, narrow leaves and multiple slender and flexible stems or branches that divide at their tips into...

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  • Small Tuscan Floral Cachepot

    Small Tuscan Floral Cachepot

    Bring antique Italian style to the home and garden. Featuring a faux-cracked porcelain finish, this multi-color small floral cachepot (or planter) displays scrolling vines and florals with Old World decorative elements and trim for an even brighter...

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  • Window Wreath Doormat Insert

    Enjoy this idyllic holiday setting featuring three cardinals and a vibrant wreath! This Window Wreath doormat insert can be used stand-alone or as interchangeable inserts in MatMates™ Doormat Trays (as shown, sold separately). Non-slip recycled rubber...

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  • Anti Wrap Flag Pole

    The perfect flag pole to hang your favorite flag outdoors for the season. 5'H A bracket will be needed, sold separately. Features Anti wrap tube 5'H Inspiration Flags were flown traditionally dating back to the 18th century.

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  • Pot Marigold Flower Seeds

    Marigolds, both French and African, are indigenous to Mexico and Guatemala. They were discovered in the early 16th century and brought to Europe and Northern Africa in the late 16th century where they were quickly adopted into gardens. The family name,...

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  • Purple Coneflower Flower Seeds - product

    Purple Coneflower Flower Seeds

    Echinacea, also known as purple coneflower or Sampson root, is a true American native and one of the hardiest perennials available. The plant was used medicinally by the Native Americans of the Great Plains more than any other herb. It was the Native...

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  • Sweet Basil Herbs Seeds - heirloom seeds for your garden from the Colonial Williamsburg seed collection | The Shops at Colonial Williamsburg

    Sweet Basil Herbs Seeds

    From homemade pesto to tomato mozzarella salad, it is hard to imagine summer without fresh basil. In the 18th century, herbs were used for cooking and cleaning, as well as medicines and dyes, and cosmetic or insecticidal purposes. Herbs found in early...

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  • Winterberry Green Small Planter

    Winterberry Green Small Planter

    Keep your poinsettias in the festive holiday spirit with this Winterberry Green Small Planter! This unique 12" planter is digitally printed in the USA. It features a double-walled rim and drainage hole. Made of lightweight, durable polypropylene...

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