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  • Crafted of FDA Approved Plastic
  • Short Brass Ferrules
  • Bb fife
  • Includes Music & Instructions
  • Made in USA
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    Along with drums, fifes were used to signal commands in battle and to call out the daily routine of 18th-century military camp life. Instructions included.

    Find out more about our Fifes and Drums program
    In the 18th century pitch was not standardized as it is today. So the corps fifes are very sharp to a modern nominal Bb fife, although still called Bb. We call them "Old Pitch" fifes to distinguish them from "traditional fifes". Bb fifes are the most common fife in use today.

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    Really enjoy!😀


    I got the maple wood fife at the colonial Williamsburg in va. It looks like the one shown to you, but a wood color. It really pretty and I think a good tone. I’ve been playing flute for 3 1/2 years a the piccolo for a little longer than a year. It comes with a little book, with how to play, fingering chart and a few songs, including Yankee Doodle, Chester and Free America or British Grenadiers. It works for me so far, I’ve learn the notes. The one bad thing is, instead of 13 $ for plastic, it’s 30 ish $. I like it a lot, if you like music, I recommend this.