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  • Hotch Potch Ring Toss Game | The Shops at Colonial Williamsburg

    Hotch Potch Ring Toss Game

    The Hotch Potch Ring Toss Game is fun for kids of all ages! It's a timeless play pattern that will challenge your eye and hand coordination for hours - you'll be surprised just how quickly the time flies by as you try and catch the wood hoop with the...

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  • Toy Wood Canteen | The Shops at Colonial Williamsburg.

    Toy Wood Canteen

    Fun for role playing games and dress up, our Toy Wood Canteen is made of all natural materials, including lightweight unfinished wood, a sturdy cotton canvas carry strap, and leather string and bindings. The canteen measures 6.5"H x 4.75"W x 2"D and the...

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  • Colonial Williamsburg Golden Puppy | The Shops at Colonial Williamsburg

    Colonial Williamsburg Golden Puppy

    The Colonial Williamsburg Golden Puppy is a precious plush toy your little pups will love to cuddle with! Our puppy is wearing a black felt tricorn hat with the initials "CW" embroidered on the front in sparkling gold thread. Made of polyester fabrics...

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  • Slate Board with Natural Wood Frame | The Shops at Colonial Williamsburg

    Slate Board with Natural Wood Frame

    Imagine the squeak of a stylus or chalk on slate as a room full of Williamsburg children practiced ciphering and arithmetic. Our board is made of smooth slate, held in a simple, 5" x 7" wooden frame. Chalk not included. Features Smooth Natural...

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  • Travel Shut the Box Game | The Shops at Colonial Williamsburg

    Travel Shut the Box Game

    A traditional game of counting, addition, and probability, Shut-the-Box dates as far back as the 12th century when this game was enjoyed by Norman fishermen after a long day at sea. Roll the dice and lay down any numerical combination of tiles that match...

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  • Battle 4 America Game | The Shops at Colonial Williamsburg

    Battle 4 America Game

    Battle 4 America is a four-in-a-row game for two players. Each player chooses a color, either blue (Minutemen) or red (Red Coats) and take turns dropping their game pieces into the vertical columns. The first player to form a horizontal, vertical, or...

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  • Governor's Palace Mini Building Blocks | The Shops at Colonial Williamsburg

    Governor's Palace Mini Building Blocks

    Recreate one of Colonial Williamsburg's most famous structures with these fun Governor's Palace Mini Building Blocks. Featuring all the pieces you need to build the regal estate, this package also allows you to add any personal touches you...

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  • Hotch Potch ABC Cards

    Hotch Potch ABC Cards

    The original hand-tinted print dates from 1782 and shows jovial "Hotchpotch" characters contorting themselves (quite instructively, we might add) into the letters of the alphabet. As was typical at the time, J and U are omitted - most people used I and V...

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  • Pieces of Eight

    Pieces of Eight

    Ahoy, matey! Your little pirates will want a few of these reproduction coins to run through their fingers when dressing up as a pirate. Makes a fun educational tool for the classroom too. Features Reproduction Pieces of Eight Includes: 8 Bits, 4...

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  • Four Documents of Freedom

    Four Documents of Freedom

    Choose this unique set for the American history buff in your life, young or old. This impressive set of four antiqued historical documents includes the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, the Bill of Rights, and Abraham...

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  • Tin Whistle

    Tin Whistle

    The tin whistle is a simple, traditional musical instrument; ideal for popular and folk music but it is also suitable for a much wider musical repertoire. It is just as good for solo playing as in ensemble with other musical instruments; and can be...

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  • Aesop's Fable Cards

    Aesop's Fable Cards

    Our reproduction 18th Century playing cards feature Aesop's Fables. Printed on uncoated heavy stock. There is an embossed tax stamp surrounding the package to replicate how they were originally sold. Based on a deck printed by I. Kirk ca 1759...

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  • Game of Graces | The Shops at Colonial Williamsburg

    Game of Graces

    The Game of Graces is a fun outdoor game that kids and adults can play. Opponents send gaily beribboned hoops towards each other to be caught on the tips of slender wands in this exciting and elegant sport. A wonderful way to enjoy a day outdoors with...

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  • Reproduction Wooden Checker Set

    Reproduction Wooden Checker Set

    Checkers has been a family favorite for centuries. A must-have in every home, this wooden checker set was adapted from an antique set in the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation collection. The checkers illustrate different fables from Aesop. Aesop's fables...

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  • Virginia Doll

    Virginia Doll

    This new soft doll is named after the youngest child of Lord and Lady Dunmore, born in Williamsburg on December 3rd, 1774. She was christened Virginia in honor of the colony. The doll's beautiful dark pink dress, light pink petticoat and white lace...

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