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  • Root Beer of Chowning's Tavern

    The same great root beer served in Colonial Williamsburg taverns and restaurants, Chowning's Tavern Root Beer evolved from a colonial beer made by boiling the roots of sassafras, dandelion or licorice to extract their pungent flavors. The brew of 200...

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  • Ginger Ale of King's Arms

    The same ginger ale served in Colonial Williamsburg taverns and restaurants, The King's Arms Tavern Ginger Ale is made of ginger root, cane sugar and water. You'll love the great taste!  No additional discounts or shipping offers apply. BUY...

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  • Tavern Beverage Napkins

    Tavern Beverage Napkins

    This Tavern Beverage Napkin set features two designs that cater to both beer- and wine-lovers. One design has an old-fashioned beer keg and reads "The Raleigh Tavern, If you tap it they will come." The other has a wine jug, glass and corkscrew, with the...

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  • Ginger Beer

    Old-fashioned refreshment! Since 1905, the Fentiman family of Newcastle upon Tyne, England have brewed this crisp, distinctive ginger beer. Shake before pouring for the most robust flavor. 9 oz. bottle. Features 18th-century English recipe Made from...

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  • Cacao Shell Tea

    How do you take your tea? Did you know Martha Washington took hers with roasted cacao shells? Cacao tea is made from the shell or husk of the cocoa bean (not the pod), a byproduct of making chocolate. The brew yields a full-bodied, slightly bitter...

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  • Cinnamon Orange Loose Black Tea Canister

    These fine teas, specially blended for Colonial Williamsburg, include varieties that delighted colonial tea enthusiasts. In 1768, colonists consumed more than a million pounds of tea. Their willingness to boycott tea in the 1770s is a testament to their...

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