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Souvenir Clothing & Accessories

  • Black Magnolia Tote

    Inspired by botanical drawings by renowned naturalist Georg Ehret, this black, white and green tote is a beautiful vessel for holding everything you need for a day of errands, a picnic or a day on the town. Available in Small and Large. Small: 10"L x 5"W...

  • Continental Soldier Youth T-Shirt - Front

    Continental Soldier Youth T-Shirt

    Join George Washington's battalion to defeat the redcoats! This fun Continental Soldier Youth T-Shirt looks like an 18th-century soldier's uniform, except it's much lighter and more breathable. The front features a graphic of a vest with silver buttons,...

  • Toby's Triple Threads Porter T-Shirt - Front

    Toby's Triple Threads Porter T-Shirt

    If you love our historically-inspired porter, this T-shirt Toby's Triple Threads is the perfect way to commemorate your drink of choice. The back reads, “Here’s to the man who drinks strong ale, and goes to bed quite mellow. Lives and he ought to live,...