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  • Christiana Campbell's Apple Butter

    George Washington once noted in his diary that he had dined at Christiana Campbell's tavern 10 times in two months. The same outstanding flavors that kept him coming back for meal after meal can be delivered to your door. Made with simple, all-natural...

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  • Maple Praline Syrup

    With a rich combination of maple syrup and southern pecans, our Colonial Williamsburg Maple Praline Syrup turns breakfast into an old-fashioned southern spread. This colonial syrup will also enliven your favorite recipes. A simple mix of maple syrup,...

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  • George Watkins Mushroom Ketchup

    Available since 1830, this rich, traditional cooking sauce was the secret of many a Victorian cook's success. With its slightly spicy mushroom flavor, it is a splendid marinade for roast meat and poultry, a wonderful addition to brown sauces and mushroom...

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  • Botetourt's Tangy Mustard BBQ Sauce

    Botetourt's Tangy Mustard BBQ Sauce

    Tangy with a touch of heat, this Botetourt's tangy mustard-based barbeque sauce is a flavorful tradition in the Carolinas and a nod to the Tidewater region! Perfect for spreading, dipping and grilling. Delicious with beef, pork, chicken and seafood...

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