• Johnny Cake Mix

    Johnny Cake Mix

    Pancakes in the 18th century were called Johnny cakes (also spelled "johnnycakes" and "journey cakes"). Still available at John Greenhow Store in Colonial Williamsburg's Historic Area, our Johnny Cake Mix uses simple, traditional ingredients of salt and...
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  • Sweet Potato Muffin Mix

    Sweet Potato Muffin Mix

    Enjoy Colonial Williamsburg's signature baked goods at home - dense, fragrant sweet potato muffins made famous by Christiana Campbell's Tavern, and now made fresh by you! Enjoy them at home any time or share with friends - our Sweet Potato Muffin Mix is...
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  • American Heritage Grated Dark Chocolate - package

    American Heritage Grated Dark Chocolate

    Online chocolate sales have been suspended for the summer due to heat in our area and other parts of the country. You can still find your favorite chocolate treats in our stores throughout the year. Online chocolate sales will resume in the fall. Ready...