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Discover original Colonial Williamsburg Publications and other books related to 18th century America in our Books & Media categories. Our selection includes children's books, non-fiction and fiction, cooking and gardening, arts and crafts, Colonial Williamsburg guide books, music, DVDs, and writing materials and stationary.

  • Restoring Williamsburg - front cover

    Restoring Williamsburg

    From our fascinating and highly readable best-selling classic, Williamsburg Before and After to our revised and expanded edition, Restoring Williamsburg combines the history of a major restoration bringing the story up to present. Sheds new...
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  • Recipes from the Raleigh Tavern Bake Shop

    Recipes from the Raleigh Tavern Bake Shop

    Gingerbread cookies and other goodies from the Raleigh Tavern Bake Shop bring back delicious memories for generations of Williamsburg visitors. In this cookbook, original recipes from rare 18th-century cookbooks are presented side-by-side with their...
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  • 2023 Colonial Williamsburg Wall Calendar | The Shops at Colonial Williamsburg

    2023 Colonial Williamsburg Wall Calendar

    The 2023 Colonial Williamsburg Wall Calendar features gorgeous full-color photographs of Colonial Williamsburg's Historic Area through the seasons. Our wall calendar is handsomely printed with plenty of room to pencil in upcoming activities and...
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  • Colonial Williamsburg: The Official Guide

    Colonial Williamsburg: The Guide

    No visit to Colonial Williamsburg is complete without our official guide book! This first new edition of Colonial Williamsburg's official guide since 2014, this book includes information on all of Colonial Williamsburg's historic sites. This guide...
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  • Duel in the Wilderness

    Duel in the Wilderness

    Major George Washington stared grimly at the French commander facing him. The young Virginian had traveled hundreds of miles into the frontier to deliver a message from the King of England. After a dangerous journey, Washington had arrived at his...
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  • Colonial Williamsburg: The Story | The Shops at Colonial Williamsburg

    Colonial Williamsburg: The Story

    It was in Williamsburg, Virginia, that American independence—and democracy—took root. And it is in the Historic Area of Colonial Williamsburg that millions have learned about the continuing relevance of America's founding ideas. Spanning...
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  • Trend and Tradition Subscription | The Shops at Colonial Williamsburg

    Trend and Tradition Subscription

    Trend & Tradition: The Magazine of Colonial Williamsburg is devoted to telling the stories of 18th-century America from a 21st-century point of view. Redesigned in 2016, the Foundation's quarterly publication continues to feature history articles...
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  • Quill Pen | The Shops at Colonial Williamsburg

    Quill Pen

    A goose feather quill pen and powdered ink were the basic writing instruments in the 18th century. Our quill pens are made from the finest quality bleached white goose pointers. The nib may be re-sharpened and re-shaped as often as necessary...
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  • 18th Powdered Ink | The Shops at Colonial Williamsburg

    Powdered Ink

    Pen a note the 18th century way with this Powdered Ink. When mixed with water, this powder produces a rich colored ink for use with quills and other dip pens. Instructions and historical information are provided on the envelopes. A fun way to send a...
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  • George Wythe House Christmas Cards

    George Wythe House Christmas Cards

    Send Christmas greetings with a charming image of one of the Historic Area's most handsome colonial homes. The fanciful artwork depicts the George Wythe House during a winter snowfall with a well-appointed stagecoach riding past. It's a charming scene...
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  • The Williamsburg Cookbook

    The Williamsburg Cookbook

    Once tasted, the food of Williamsburg is not forgotten. Visitors return again and again for Chowning Tavern's Brunswick Stew, Christiana Campbell's Spoon Bread, the Williamsburg Inn's Breast of Turkey Supreme and countless other delicacies. In this...
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  • Porch Gathering Christmas Cards

    Porch Gathering Christmas Cards

    Each year during the holiday season, Williamsburg comes alive with blazing cressets, candle-lit windows, and most coveted of allamazing fruit-and-foliage displays. Families from around the country, and even the world, flock to the Historic Area to...
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  • Christmas in Market Square Christmas Cards

    Christmas in Market Square Christmas Cards

    Vivid colors and sculpturally embossed details make this Colonial Williamsburg Christmas card stand out. On the front, a large illuminated evergreen stands in Market Square surrounded by historic structures decked in holiday wreaths. Features 16 cards...
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  • 2023 Colonial Williamsburg Towel Calendar | The Shops at Colonial Williamsburg

    2023 Colonial Williamsburg Towel Calendar

    Plan your days while being reminded of a beloved place. Our 2023 Colonial Williamsburg Calendar Towel wall hanging features an illustration of some of Colonial Williamsburg’s most iconic locations, horse-drawn carriage and the Fife & Drum Corps...
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  • Colonial Williamsburg Hauntings

    Colonial Williamsburg Hauntings

    Based on the official Colonial Williamsburg ghost tours, this book features stories from employees, residents and guests. Here are tales of unexplained alarms, moving chairs and windows, even flying checkerboards - plus spooky images of scenes guests on...
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  • Holiday Fare

    Holiday Fare Cookbook

    Hot Cranberry Wassail! Cheese and Chive Crisps! Buttery Rum Pumpkin Pie! Sixty easy-to-follow recipes from Executive Chef John Gonzales Holiday-Fare Cookbook update the favorite delicious tastes of Colonial Williamsburg's recipes. Features •60+...
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  • Governor's Party Christmas Cards

    Governor's Party Christmas Cards

    'Tis the season for holiday parties and the Governor's Palace hosted the most prestigious gathering in town. This set of 16 full-color, folded cards and envelopes features a Christmas Eve gathering on a snowy evening. At the time of its completion in...
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  • Gunsmith Of Williamsburg DVD

    Gunsmith Of Williamsburg DVD

    Part 4 of The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation Archive Series: The Trades of Colonial Williamsburg The gun was a vital part of life in 18th-century Williamsburg, and this 1965 docudrama demonstrates the expertise that went into the making of each...
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  • Bruton Parish Church Christmas Cards

    Bruton Parish Church Christmas Cards

    A Christmas Eve stroll down Duke of Gloucester Street may find the Historic Area under a blanket of snow. Share the best of Williamsburg during the winter season with this beautiful set of boxed holiday cards. In the distance stands Bruton Parish Church...
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  • Colonial Williamsburg Townscape Magnet | The Shops at Colonial Williamsburg

    Colonial Williamsburg Townscape Magnet

    Remember your trip to the Historic Area fondly with our Colonial Williamsburg Townscape Magnet. This souvenir magnet features a panoramic image of the Governor's Palace, the Magazine, Capitol, the Fife and Drum corps, and a carriage. 
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  • Plants of Colonial Williamsburg

    Plants of Colonial Williamsburg

    This guide to the plants in Colonial Williamsburg's gardens describes and discusses two hundred flowers, trees, herbs, and shrubs. The historical background of each plant links it with the colonial period. Brief biographies of early plantsmen explain the...
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  • Red Thunder

    Red Thunder

    While cannons thundered, swords flashed, and the sky turned red with flame, Nate Chandler and his enslaved friend, James, went about the darker business of espionage. Their spy world of whispered conspiracies, secret missions alone in the dead of night,...
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  • Ghosts Amongst Us

    Ghosts Amongst Us

    Based in part on Colonial Williamsburg's popular evening programs "Cry Witch" and "Ghosts Amongst Us"—and also including stories that have never been performed—here are the tales that chilled and amused Virginians over two hundred years ago...
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  • Holiday Welcome Embossed Christmas Cards

    Holiday Welcome Embossed Christmas Cards

    The door of the Historic Area's Roscow Cole House is beautifully decorated on this set of Christmas cards. The Roscow Cole house has anchored the east end of Market Square since about 1812. It is named for the merchant who built it and owned it until...
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  • ABC Hotch Potch Coloring Book

    ABC Hotch Potch Coloring Book

    The illustrations in this coloring book were taken from "The Comical Hotch-Potch or the Alphabet turn'd Posture-Master," a hand-colored print published in London in 1782 by Carington Bowles. The print features a comical character named Hotch-Potch...
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  • Early Upholstery Seating

    Early Upholstery Seating

    Watch a feature about our restoration expert, Leroy Graves, on CBS Sunday Morning. Leading Colonial Williamsburg conservator Leroy Graves has changed the way collectors and museums regard historic upholstery. Little upholstery from the eighteenth and...
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  • Colonial Money A

    Colonial Money A

    Reproduction of Colonial and Revolutionary currency set "A". Various denominations and sizes of Colonial Money representing the following: USA, North Carolina, Massachusetts Bay, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Virginia, New York, Maryland,...
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  • Four Documents of Freedom

    Four Documents of Freedom

    Choose this unique set for the American history buff in your life, young or old. This impressive set of four antiqued historical documents includes the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, the Bill of Rights, and Abraham...
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  • Colonial Williamsburg Mini Magnets | The Shops at Colonial Williamsburg

    Colonial Williamsburg Mini Magnets

    This Colonial Williamsburg Mini Magnets set includes iconic scenes and popular sites of the Historic Area. Use this mini magnet set in the office, classroom, or your kitchen and be reminded of your "home away from home". Includes 10 mini magnets in a...
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