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Toys & Games

  • Virginia Doll

    This new soft doll is named after the youngest child of Lord and Lady Dunmore, born in Williamsburg on December 3rd, 1774. She was christened Virginia in honor of the colony. The doll's beautiful dark pink dress, light pink petticoat and white lace...

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  • Revolutionary War Chessmen

    A fun game of strategy and wits comes to a head with the British versus the colonists in this American Revolution-themed chess set. On one side, the Continental soldiers are dressed in traditional 18th-century clothing in navy and cocked hats atop...

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  • Bilbo Catcher

    Toys of the cup & ball family had already been favorite childhood amusements for many centuries by the time of settlements in the North American colonies, and they have remained popular throughout American history. In the more difficult bilbo catcher...

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  • Flags Playing Cards

    The flag is one of the most powerful symbols of liberty and freedom in the world. In addition to the well-known stars and stripes, many other flags have held importance in American history. Many flags were created by colonists during the revolutionary...

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  • Spotted Bird Waterpipe Whistle

    Also known as a "water pipe" or "water warble," these bird whistles are a classic novelty. Bird whistles were popular with 18th-century children and adults. To use, simply fill the whistle with water and then blow gently through it.For best results,...

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  • Mini Captain's Mistress Game

    Legend says that Captain Cook played this game nightly to relax with his fellow shipmates. In fact, he spent so much time playing the game, it came to be known as the Captain's Mistress. The object of the game is simple, yet the strategies are endless...

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  • Plastic Fife with Music

    Along with drums, fifes were used to signal commands in battle and to call out the daily routine of 18th-century military camp life. Instructions included. Features Crafted of FDA Approved Plastic Short Brass Ferrules Bb fife Includes Music &...

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  • Battledore and Shuttlecock Game Set

    Eighteenth-century tennis anyone? A relative of both modern badminton and table tennis, this game includes two soft-wood paddles known as "battledore" and two feather and cork "shuttlecocks." Ideal for adults and children aged 8 and up, the game arrives...

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  • Signal Whistle

    This stained wood signal whistle with a short rawhide lanyard is patterned after a period design. The American Army first organized companies of Light Infantry in 1775. These highly mobile units were initially made up of riflemen known for their speed...

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  • Shut the Box Game

    Add some old-world charm—and fun—to your next gathering. A traditional game of counting, addition, and probability. Shut-the-Box dates back to the 18th century when this game was enjoyed by Norman fishermen after a long day at sea. Roll the dice and lay...

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  • Shut the Box Four Player Game | The Shops at Colonial Williamsburg

    Shut the Box Four Player Game

    Modeled after dice games played by Norman fishermen in the 18th century, Shut the Box is a fast-paced game that is all about matching dice rolls and finishing the game with the least points possible. Made from solid wood with a felt lined playing...

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  • Palace and Carriage Panoramic Puzzle

    The elegant 18th- century town coach of Lord Dunmore rolls past Colonial Williamsburg's Governor's Palace in this panoramic puzzle. The Governor's Palace was home to seven colonial governors who represented the king of England in Virginia. Lord Dunmore...

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  • Child's Compass Fan

    Children's fans often served as memory aids and were printed with dance steps, maps, words to songs and etiquette tips. Thus, a girl could keep her lessons close at hand in social situations. The compass fan is inspired by scenes of youthful instruction...

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  • Numbers Dice Games

    Similar to games played in the 18th century, this fun numbers dice  game reinforces spelling, counting and math skills. Simulated ivory dice come with instructions for several ways to play. WARNING: Small Parts. Not for children under 3 YRS...

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  • Mini Jefferson Cups and Punchbowl Set

    A tribute to American heritage in miniature, this adorable set pays homage to the plain pewter cup designed by Thomas Jefferson in the 18th century. Pewter, both imported and American-made, was the most popular tableware throughout the 1700s. This...

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  • Pewter Mini Coffee & Tea Set

    Coffee and tea - a favorite 18th-century pastime that's now a timeless American tradition. Crafted of fine, no-lead, non-tarnishing pewter, this mini coffee and tea set makes a lovely gift. This mini coffee & tea set includes coffee pot, tea pot,...

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  • Blue Bird Waterpipe Whistle

    This Blue Bird Waterpipe Whistle, also known as a "water pipe" or "water warble," these bird whistles are a classic novelty. Bird whistles were popular with 18th-century children and adults. To use, simply fill the whistle with water and then blow gently...

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  • Benjamin the Red Devon Calf

    Features Inspired by the Rare Breed living at Colonial Williamsburg Red Devon Calf Fluffy, Easy to Handle Poly Fiber Filled 5 3/4"H Product Care Spot clean. Inspiration Colonial Williamsburg's Rare Breeds program was begun in 1986 to...

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