Powder of Lavender

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∙Sealed box
∙Luxury powder puff
∙Light lavender scent
∙Contains no talc
∙4 oz.
∙WILLIAMSBURG exclusive!
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Indulge yourself, or a friend, with the soothing scent of lavender as you dust your skin with this alluring powder and imagine yourself a fine gentry lady of the 18th century. More luxurious than perfume or scented lotion, our special blend combines timeless fragrance of lavender with the silky softness of loose powder. Some recipes simply cannot be improved upon. Talc free.

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Wonderfully-scented, talc-free powder


This is one of my 2 favorites. Violet is the other. The powder smells clean and fresh. And it's talc-free. It's made from cornstarch and kaolin clay.

This is scented talc


This product is NOT talc-free. On the box it says "scented talc"

My Favorite Bath Powder


My favorite bath powder. Lightly scented and soft!



Lavender is one of my favorite scents. I grow it in my gardens, and I am very particular about lavender scents made for the body, as many can smell synthetic. I've used Yardley London Lavender for 2 decades, but those days are over. I just discovered Colonial Williamsburg's scented powders, and I will never purchase anything else. I tried Violet, Lavender, and Rose, and that is the order of my preference--though all are excellent. Aside from the incredible smell, the powder is silky and absorbent and non-drying, thanks to aloe.
<br>(Re reviewer Jessica, there is zero talc in these powders.)