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Sterling Silver Ellicott Clock Case Pendant with Amethyst

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∙Pendant with amethyst stone
∙ Sterling silver
∙ 3/4"W x 1 1/8"L x 1" W
∙ 18"L chain included
∙ Polish with a soft non-abrasive dry cloth
∙ WILLIAMSBURG exclusive!
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Inspired by a motif carved into the sound holes of an antique English clock, this sterling silver Ellicott Clock Case Pendant with Amethyst features a design full of movement and whimsy. A profusion of delicate C scrolls and piercing convey a sense of lightness and fancy characteristic of the 18th-century rococo style. This unique pendant is also embellished with a sparkling amethyst, a popular jewel among ladies of the 18th century.
Until mass production of clocks began in the early 19th century, only the wealthy could afford the expensive mechanisms. Most people could proceed through the day with little access to a clock. During the 18th century, many used the sun's location in the sky, sundials, or public clock chimes to regulate their days.
Celebrate the tradition of a simpler time with this beautiful pendant.
The eight-day bracket clock that inspired this pendant design was made in London by John Ellicott around 1740 and is now part of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation collections.

Tall case clocks use weight-driven movements regulated by pendulums housed in wooden cases. Clockmakers put together the mechanical movement while specialists were often engaged to cast the brass gears for the movement and engrave decoration or the maker's name on the clock dial. Cabinetmakers or joiners made the wooden cases while still more specialists might produce inlaid wooden elements or painted motifs and patterns to ornament the clock cases. The style and design of clock movements, especially their dials, and clock cases changed over time with new advances, evolving fashions, and regional preferences.
Clean with silver polishing cloth.

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