18th Century Goods

Shop for 18th century reproductions and historic trade goods from Colonial Williamsburg and other products inspired by our collections. Our offerings include leather goods, pewter, reproduction fabrics, creamware, historic recipe soaps, toys, and more.

  • Leather Blackjack Quart Mug | The Shops at Colonial Williamsburg

    Leather Blackjack Quart Mug

    Leather mugs called jacks were in common use in England and her colonies during the 17th and 18th centuries. They were "jacked" or coated in pitch to make them watertight. Light and durable, these mugs varied in sizes and shapes from pint or smaller to...
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  • Mini Pewter Jefferson Cup

    Mini Pewter Jefferson Cup

    Pewter, both imported and American-made, was the most popular tableware throughout the 1700s. Designed by Thomas Jefferson himself, this polished pewter cup makes an ideal gift. Perfect for party cocktails or mini dessert trays, the classic American...
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  • Mythical Dolphin Pewter Pipe Tamp | The Shops at Colonial Williamsburg

    Mythical Dolphin Pewter Pipe Tamp

    AUCTION FIND: This pipe tamp is no longer manufactured and is a rare online offering from our Historic Area auction inventory. Don't miss the chance to add one to your collection! This Mythical Dolphin Pewter Pipe Tamp is inspired by a brass tamp...
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  • Longton Creamware Charger

    Longton Creamware Charger

    Add a beautiful touch with this plate that features the "delightful rococo forms" and crisp strawberry leaf design which Longton Hall, the first porcelain factory in Staffordshire, England , produced between 1754 and 1757. Goes beautifully under a place...
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  • Leather Bottle

    Leather Bottle

    Used for centuries by everyone from kings to commoners, leather bottles of various forms were used for carrying or storing liquids. This one, handcrafted of safe, vegetable-tanned leather made watertight with "Brewer's Pitch" is great for drinking cold...
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  • Leather Bucket

    Durable leather buckets were used for many centuries. Hand-stitched and made watertight with pitch, they were lighter than wooden buckets. Our reproduction bucket, made using 18th-century techniques, is ideal for historic reenactments, a distinctive...
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  • Wooden Top | The Shops at Colonial Williamsburg

    Wooden Top

    A childhood classic, this wooden top is adapted from an eighteenth-century example found by archeologist during excavations of a Williamsburg well belonging to Colonel John Custis. Still a favorite of the young and young-at-heart...
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  • Leather Blackjack Pitcher | The Shops at Colonial Williamsburg

    Leather Blackjack Pitcher

    Serve up your favorite ale the 18th century way with our Leather Blackjack Pitcher. This leather pitcher is hand-crafted of safe, vegetable-tanned leather and is sealed with wax on the outside and "brewer's pitch" resin on the inside. Jackware is safe...
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  • Lord Dunmore Tea Table

    Lord Dunmore Tea Table

    This is a custom made-to-order item. Contact our expert furniture team to start your project. The Lord Dunmore Tea Table is a curator-approved furniture reproduction of an 18th-century antique owned by the Virginia royal Governor himself. The original...