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18th Century Goods

  • Handmade Glass Decanter

    Ideally suited for holding your favorite wine or spirits, this glass decanter was expertly reproduced by Blenko Glass (a family owned and operated company since 1893) from an original in the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation collections. Thomas...

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  • Round Pewter Tray

    The 18th century was the great age of pewter. In Williamsburg’s colonial heyday, even people of modest means owned pewter plates, dishes, tankards and spoons. Huge quantities of pewter were imported from England up until the late 1700s, when tastes...

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  • Short Peel

    Like its colonial counterparts, this flat hardwood utensil is useful in the kitchen for removing baked goods from a hot oven. Features Kiln-Dried Hard Maple Made with 17 Different Hand Processes and Final Polishing 8"L x 3" WTreated with Mineral Oil...

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  • Spice Cabinet

    This handsome mahogany cabinet could work in the kitchen to store dried herbs and spices, or it could hold jewelry, papers, or keys. Records indicate that colonial Americans used small locking cabinets such as these for more than just spices, though the...

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  • Bilbo Catcher

    Toys of the cup & ball family had already been favorite childhood amusements for many centuries by the time of settlements in the North American colonies, and they have remained popular throughout American history. In the more difficult bilbo catcher...

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  • Duke of Gloucester Covered Ginger Jar | The Shops at Colonial Williamsburg

    Duke of Gloucester Covered Ginger Jar

    About 1770, the Duke of Gloucester, William Henry, commissioned a dinner service that reflected his passionate interest in the natural world. The resulting pattern is an impressive manifestation of rococo style, complete with 19 exuberant colors, 22...

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  • Grain Scoop

    In the 18th-century, utilitarian objects were often very well designed. With its elegantly curved handle, this hand-carved hardwood grain scoop is as pleasurable to look at as it is to use.  Features Kiln-Dried Hard Maple Made with 17 Different...

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  • Leather Bottle

    Used for centuries by everyone from kings to commoners, leather bottles of various forms were used for carrying or storing liquids. This one, handcrafted of safe, vegetable-tanned leather made watertight with "Brewer's Pitch" is great for drinking cold...

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  • Longton Creamware Charger

    Add a beautiful touch with this plate that features the "delightful rococo forms" and crisp strawberry leaf design which Longton Hall, the first porcelain factory in Staffordshire, England , produced between 1754 and 1757. Goes beautifully under a place...

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  • Lord Dunmore Tea Table

    Lord Dunmore Tea Table

    This is a custom made-to-order item. Contact our expert furniture team to start your project. The Lord Dunmore Tea Table is a curator-approved furniture reproduction of an 18th-century antique owned by the Virginia royal Governor himself. The original is...

  • Mini Pewter Jefferson Cup

    Mark your next special occasion with a gift that pays tribute to the nation's heritage. Pewter, both imported and American-made, was the most popular tableware throughout the 1700s. Designed by Thomas Jefferson himself, this polished pewter cup makes an...

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  • Reproduction Spice Pot

    Spice up your table with this sophisticated pewter shaker - ideal to use for salt or pepper. Elegant enough to use for your best occasions and simple enough to enjoy everyday. This reproduction pewter spice pot, with the pear shape and acorn finial top,...

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