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Engraving Services

ENGRAVING SERVICES SUSPENDED: We are not accepting engraving orders at this time. Thank you for your patience! Please visit our Store Update page for information about adjusted hours and services during the temporary closure of Colonial Williamsburg.

Make your gift truly special with custom engraving from The Shops at Colonial Williamsburg! With a combination of technology and artistry, our engravers can take an ordinary item and transform it into a personal keepsake to last a lifetime.

Click here to see items in our online store that are available for engraving.

Below you will find recommendations and samples of the available machine engraving fonts and monogram styles we provide.

Please Note: Engraving orders can only be placed by calling Customer Service at 1-800-446-9240 from 11 am - 1 pm EST Monday - Friday. Please do not order items online that need to be engraved or they will be shipped to you without engraving.

We require 14 business days to complete your order from the time our representative places your order until the time it is given to our fulfillment team to ship. Bulk and holiday orders may require additional time - order early to avoid disappointment! You will be charged up front for engraved items. Engraved items cannot be returned.

Valentine's Day Engraving Deadline: Please call us before Friday, January 24 to place engraving orders for Valentine's Day delivery!

Machine Engraving

Machine Engraving Recommendations

Cups and Bowls: Baby Cups, Jefferson Cups, Tankards, and Revere Bowls

All styles/fonts are engravable. When engraving a cup with a handle, make sure to specify which direction the handle will be facing (left or right). The engraver will use their best judgement for the size of the engraving unless advised otherwise.


We recommend engraving porringers on the sides so the engraving can be seen if the porringer is intended for use. If the porringer is to be engraved on the inside, most people prefer the handle to be straight up (in the 12 o'clock position), or with the handle to the left or right. Also, most porringers have one initial engraved on the handle. Please indicate to us your preferences.

Plates, Trays, and Boxes

All styles are engravable.

Pendants, Brooches, and Lockets

All styles are engravable, however, please let us help you determine if there is enough space on the specific item you are ordering for the requested engraving.

Signet Rings and Rings

Monograms or a single initial are most common for signet rings. We can only engrave block text in the inside of wedding bands.


Most c-bands or cuff bracelets can only be engraved on the inside. Wide bracelets without a curve or design on the top may be engravable on the outside. The maximum amount of characters we can accommodate is 25, including spaces. We do not recommend engraving monograms, but all other styles are engravable.

Machine Engraving Styles






Customer Service will assist with your engraving request contact us to place your order. We are open Monday - Friday, 10 AM - 4 PM, except for major holidays.

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