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Toys & Games

  • Maple Wood Fife

    Along with drums, fifes were used to signal commands in battle and to call out the daily routine of 18th-century military camp life. Instructions included. 16 1/2'', Maple Wood Fife. Features Solid Maple Wood Handcrafted in 18th/19th Century...

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  • Jaw Harp

    Played since the Middle Ages, this form of mouth harp was especially popular in Scotland, where dancers stepped a jig to its lively, twanging note. The harp is capable of producing only a single note, but players can vary the instrument's tone by...

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  • Pewter Mini Coffee & Tea Set

    Coffee and tea - a favorite 18th-century pastime that's now a timeless American tradition. Crafted of fine, no-lead, non-tarnishing pewter, this mini coffee and tea set makes a lovely gift. This mini coffee & tea set includes coffee pot, tea pot,...

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  • Acrobatic Hotch Potch

    Flip, spin and twirl this acrobatic Hotch Potch doll with a flick of the wrist! Watch his arms and legs rotate as you move the wooden base. Features Wood and string11 1/2"HWILLIAMSBURG exclusive! Inspiration Children's toys of the 18th century were...

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  • Tin Whistle

    The tin whistle is a simple, traditional musical instrument; ideal for popular and folk music but it is also suitable for a much wider musical repertoire. It is just as good for solo playing as in ensemble with other musical instruments; and can be...

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  • Bilbo Catcher

    Toys of the cup & ball family had already been favorite childhood amusements for many centuries by the time of settlements in the North American colonies, and they have remained popular throughout American history. In the more difficult bilbo catcher...

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  • Battledore and Shuttlecock Game Set

    Eighteenth-century tennis anyone? A relative of both modern badminton and table tennis, this game includes two soft-wood paddles known as "battledore" and two feather and cork "shuttlecocks." Ideal for adults and children aged 8 and up, the game arrives...

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  • Mini Jefferson Cups and Punchbowl Set

    A tribute to American heritage in miniature, this adorable set pays homage to the plain pewter cup designed by Thomas Jefferson in the 18th century. Pewter, both imported and American-made, was the most popular tableware throughout the 1700s. This...

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  • Children's Melody Harp Songs

    Twelve traditional children's songs young ones can play instantly: A Hunting We Will Go, A Tisket, A Tasket, Are You Sleeping?, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Froggie Went A Courtin', Hickory Dickory Dock, I'm A Little Teapot, Mary Had A Little Lamb, Polly Wolly...

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  • Colonial Williamsburg Golden Puppy | The Shops at Colonial Williamsburg

    Colonial Williamsburg Golden Puppy

    The Colonial Williamsburg Golden Puppy is a precious plush toy your little pups will love to cuddle with! Our puppy is wearing a black felt tricorn hat with the initials "CW" embroidered on the front in sparkling gold thread. Made of polyester fabrics...

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  • Hotch Potch Ring Toss Game | The Shops at Colonial Williamsburg

    Hotch Potch Ring Toss Game

    The Hotch Potch Ring Toss Game is fun for kids of all ages! It's a timeless play pattern that will challenge your eye and hand coordination for hours - you'll be surprised just how quickly the time flies by as you try and catch the wood hoop with the...

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  • Slate Board with Natural Wood Frame | The Shops at Colonial Williamsburg

    Slate Board with Natural Wood Frame

    Imagine the squeak of a stylus or chalk on slate as a room full of Williamsburg children practiced ciphering and arithmetic. Our board is made of smooth slate, held in a simple, 5" x 7" wooden frame. Chalk not included. Features Smooth Natural...

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  • Toy Wood Canteen | The Shops at Colonial Williamsburg.

    Toy Wood Canteen

    Fun for role playing games and dress up, our Toy Wood Canteen is made of all natural materials, including lightweight unfinished wood, a sturdy cotton canvas carry strap, and leather string and bindings. The canteen measures 6.5"H x 4.75"W x 2"D and the...

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