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Raleigh Tavern Bakery Ginger Cakes Candle

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·       Ginger cakes-scented candle

·       Made in USA

·       WILLIAMSBURG exclusive!

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The scent of this candle will remind you of the legendary ginger cakes sold at the Raleigh Tavern Bakery. 16 oz.

Stop in to the Raleigh Tavern Bakery for an 18th century-inspired sweet treat or a light lunch to go. Here you’ll find sandwiches, root beer, and hot cider to help fuel your next revolutionary adventure. Satisfy your sweet tooth with a soft and chewy cookie or sink your teeth into a homemade muffin or loaf of bread. During the holiday season, enjoy fresh-baked pies.

Keep wick trimmed to 1/4"; stop burning when 1/2" unmelted wax remains. Keep out of drafts. 

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Advice from a Guy


This candle was burning when we walked into the store. It was such a pleasant aroma, but it took us a while to locate the source. I'm not really into candles, but I bought this one for my daughter because she loved it so -- probably my first scented candle purchase in thirty years. It was worth it for the smile it brought to her face.
<br>The aroma is on the sweet side. It would go very well with a pot of brewing coffee.

Best Candle Ever!!!!


Bought this candle in Williamsburg. Best candle I have ever purchased. It smells so good and actually really gives off a strong scent. Beats Yankee Candle by far. Will order more

Best candle ever!


This is the most heavenly scent! Transports me to Colonial Williamsburg. I get so many compliments when I have this bringing, especially from my children's friends who probably think I am baking cookies. This is a quality candle with a clean burn. I'm getting ready to order more for me and extras to give as gifts.

Best candles yet!


After walking into the store filled with the aroma of the Ginger Cakes candle, I bought 2 of these and will be trying out the other scents. I wish they were available for candle warmers.

the most delicious aroma ever!


Last week we walked into the Prentiss Store and were enveloped in this heavenly aroma; warm, sweet, not overwhelming but like something amazingly yummy baking in the oven (which is the whole idea). The saleswoman told us all the candle's virtues (burns clean, no smoke, etc), and we sniffed the three scents and went with Pecan Pie since it had an even richer scent - when not lit - than the ginger cakes. $25 was excessive to us, but it smelled so good and we like supporting Colonial Williamsburg.
<br>Now we're home, with the Pecan Pie burning merrily. The house smells good, but not as fantastic as the store with the Ginger Cakes candle smelled - If you're debating, get this one - get the Ginger Cakes! We will next time there's a sale!