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Discover original Colonial Williamsburg Publications and other books related to 18th century America in our Books & Media categories. Our selection includes children's books, non-fiction and fiction, cooking and gardening, arts and crafts, Colonial Williamsburg guide books, music, DVDs, and writing materials and stationary.

  • Entertaining Ideas from Williamsburg

    Entertaining Ideas from Williamsburg

    Virginia, of course, is famous for its hospitality. Drawing on that tradition, here's a treasure trove of ideas for celebrating special occasions throughout the year. From a winter anniversary to a spring wedding, a Fourth of July picnic to a children's...
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  • The Printer in Eighteenth-Century Williamsburg

    The Printer in Eighteenth-Century Williamsburg

    Illustrated in the style of the period, each softbound booklet in this series describes a trade of eighteenth-century Williamsburg and the lives and times of the artisans who practiced it. Features An Account of the Life, Times, and Craft of a Printer...
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  • Virginia Barbecue: A History | The Shops at Colonial Williamsburg

    Virginia Barbecue: A History

    Drawing on hundreds of historical and contemporary sources, author, competition barbecue judge, and award-winning barbecue cook Joe Haynes documents the delectable history of barbecue in the Old Dominion in his book, Virginia Barbecue: A History. With...
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  • The American Duchess Guide to 18th Century Beauty | The Shops at Colonial Williamsburg

    The American Duchess Guide to 18th Century Beauty

    Ever wondered how Marie Antoinette achieved her sky-high hairstyle or how women in the 1700s created their voluminous frizz hairdos? The American Duchess Guide to 18th Century Beauty answers all your Georgian beauty questions―and teaches you all you need...
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  • I Am Murdered

    I Am Murdered

    George Wythe was Thomas Jefferson's mentor and friend, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, chief justice of the Virginia Supreme Court—and a victim of lethal poisoning. His murder and the trial of his nephew for the killing caused a sensation...
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  • Revolutionary Brothers | The Shops at Colonial Williamsburg

    Revolutionary Brothers

    Steeped in primary sources, Revolutionary Brothers casts fresh light on the remarkable, often complicated, friendship of two extraordinary men - the Marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson. As Lafayette opened doors in Paris and Versailles...
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  • Peyton Randolph and Revolutionary Virginia | The Shops at Colonial Williamsburg

    Peyton Randolph and Revolutionary Virginia

    In 1763, King George III’s government adopted a secret policy to reduce the American colonies to "due subordinance" and exploit them. This brought on the American Revolution. In Virginia, there was virtually unanimous agreement that...
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  • Why The Turkey Didn't Fly

    Why The Turkey Didn't Fly

    Why did the eagle become our national symbol, even though Franklin preferred the turkey? How did Gilbert Stuart's portrait of Washington end up on the dollar bill? What did Betsy Ross really have to do with the flag? Here are the surprising stories...
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  • Blue Pineapple Note Cards by Marcia Long | The Shops at Colonial Williamsburg

    Blue Pineapple Note Cards

    What better way to say "thank you" than with the traditional symbol of hospitality? Each note card features an illustration of a ripe, plump pineapple in blue and white surrounded by swirling vines. The inside is blank so you can craft your own unique...
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  • Somerset Rug Mouse Pad

    Somerset Rug Mouse Pad

    In celebration of the best in classic design, toss this mouse pad on your desk to offer a little color and a lot of protection. The design is straight from an 18th-century crewelwork coverlet in Colonial Williamsburg's collections featuring the scrolling...
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  • John's Story: 1775

    John's Story: 1775

    The Young Americans Book Series by award-winning author Joan Lowery Nixon As tensions rise between England and the colonies, John's father hopes for a peaceful solution. When his older brother George joins the militia to fight for Virginia liberties,...
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  • The Music Of Williamsburg DVD

    The Music Of Williamsburg DVD

    Part 2 of The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation Archive Series: Colonial Life through a Lens. Filmed in 1960, this docudrama explores how music in 18th-century Williamsburg was a ritual of everyday life—the accompaniment to everything from...
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  • Alexander Hamilton Signature Notebook - Embossed leather notebook

    Alexander Hamilton Signature Notebook

    Now you can put pen to paper in your very own Alexander Hamilton Signature Notebook, and let his words encourage and inspire you as you record your daily musings. Features Moleskin-like binding Cream paper stock and an elegant ribbon page...
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  • Travel Mini 4-Player Shut the Box Game | The Shops at Colonial Williamsburg

    Travel Mini 4-Player Shut the Box Game

    A traditional game of counting, addition, and probability, Shut-the-Box dates as far back as the 12th century when this game was enjoyed by Norman fishermen after a long day at sea. Roll the dice and lay down any numerical combination of tiles that match...
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  • George Washington's Spy

    George Washington's Spy

    Ten-year-old Matt Carlton and six friends are accidentally swept back in time— to Boston in 1776! The British now occupy the city, and redcoat guards are everywhere! While the boys are being held captive by a den of Patriot spies, the girls have...
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  • Musick Of The Fifes & Drums - Slow

    Musick Of The Fifes & Drums - Slow

    Scored for fifes and drums. Music arrangements by John C. Moon and the staff members of the Fifes and Drums of Colonial Williamsburg. Volume Two features 12 slow marches scored for fifes and drums. 24 pages.
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  • The School of Manners

    The School of Manners

    "At Church, at Home, at Table, in Company, in Discourse, at School, abroad, and amoung Boys. With some other short and mixt Precepts. By the Author of the English Exercises." This replica of the fourth edition, as printed in London in 1701, gives all the...
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  • Drummer's Call DVD/CD Set

    Drummer's Call DVD/CD Set

    Commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Colonial Williamsburg Fifes and Drums with this two-disc set. Released in spring 2008, the stirring 60-minute documentary-for-broadcast DVD Drummers Call: America's Fife & Drum Tradition chronicles...
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  • Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation

    Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation

    The United States was more a fragile hope than a reality in 1790. During the decade that followed, the Founding Fathers - reexamined here as Founding Brothers - combined the ideals of the Declaration of Independence with the content of the Constitution...
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  • Silversmith Of Williamsburg DVD

    Silversmith Of Williamsburg DVD

    Part 6 of The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation Archive Series: The Trades of Colonial Williamsburg The colonial silversmith produced items both functional and beautiful. In this 1971 docudrama, silver scraps are transformed into a magnificent new...
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  • Thomas Jefferson Art of Power

    Thomas Jefferson Art of Power

    A No. 1 New York Times Bestseller, Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power has been named one of the best books of the year by The New York Times Book Review, The Washington Post, Entertainment Weekly, and more. Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jon Meacham once...
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  • A Rollick of Recorders Book

    A Rollick of Recorders Book

    The pieces in this collection have been arranged for the recorder, an instrument that in the eighteenth century was known as the English or common flute.  Included are thirteen tunes that our colonial forebears used for lighthearted music making...
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  • Yorktown, Virginia: A Brief History

    Yorktown, Virginia: A Brief History

    Yorktown's history is often overshadowed by its pivotal role in the Revolutionary War. The site of the British surrender has held several victory commemorations over the past two hundred years. Yorktown also was a thriving colonial port and the site of...
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  • Colonial Keyboard Tunes

    Colonial Keyboard Tunes

    Ten eighteenth-century tunes that our ancestors played, sang, or danced to are featured in this Colonial Keyboard Tunes publication. They are suitable for playing on a keyboard instrument. Softbound Features Ten 18th-Century Tunes Set for Piano or...
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  • Benjamin Franklin Signature Notebook - embossed leather notebook

    Benjamin Franklin Signature Notebook

    Let the inspiring words of Benjamin Franklin help guide you toward your next big idea, while you write, doodle or brainstorm alongside his own wise words in the Benjamin Franklin Notebook! This Benjamin Franklin Signature Notebook is filled with dozens...
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  • Norfolk Naval Shipyard

    Norfolk Naval Shipyard

    Norfolk Naval Shipyard has a long history that predates the United States of America. Founded in 1767 as the Gosport Shipyard, it has been burned and rebuilt three times, once to prevent it from getting into the hands of the newly independent state of...
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  • Fortnum & Mason: Time for Tea | The Shops at Colonial Williamsburg

    Fortnum & Mason: Time for Tea

    Fortnum & Mason has nearly as much experience of selling tea as Britain has of drinking it – some three centuries’ worth, in fact, since the early eighteenth century. Time for Tea by Tom Parker Bowles is a fun and deeply...
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