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18th Century Goods

  • Colonial Money A

    Reproduction of Colonial and Revolutionary currency set "A". Various denominations and sizes of Colonial Money representing the following: USA, North Carolina, Massachusetts Bay, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Virginia, New York, Maryland,...

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  • Tumbler Glass

    Made to enhance the fine art of toasting, these beautifully crafted glasses were expertly reproduced by Blenko Glass (a family owned and operated company since 1893) from an original in the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation collections. Glassblowing was...

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  • Williamsburg Blue Byrd Fat Quarter Bundle

    The Blue Byrd Fat Quarter Bundle features a gorgeous assortment of indigo and white patterns, all inspired by our real 18th-century collections! Each cut is 18" x 21". Features Reproduction fabric Set of 16 18" x 21" cuts 100% cotton Blue and...

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  • Spirit of '76 Drum

    This beautiful Spirit of '76 children's drum masterfully re-creates the drum style of the American Revolution. The high-quality wooden drum replica features bright, vibrant patriotic colors and crisp drum sound. Unlike most toy drums on the market, this...

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  • Colonial Williamsburg Reproduction Fabric - Cascading Floral 100% Cotton Fabric

    Cascading Floral Fabric

    Cascading Floral Fabric is a reproduction of an antique textile in the Colonial Williamsburg collections. Composed of red, white and brown, the pattern features florals on trailing vines. 100% cotton.  Sold by the yard. *Fabric is...

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  • Signal Whistle

    This stained wood signal whistle with a short rawhide lanyard is patterned after a period design. The American Army first organized companies of Light Infantry in 1775. These highly mobile units were initially made up of riflemen known for their speed...

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  • Child's Compass Fan

    Children's fans often served as memory aids and were printed with dance steps, maps, words to songs and etiquette tips. Thus, a girl could keep her lessons close at hand in social situations. The compass fan is inspired by scenes of youthful instruction...

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  • Reproduction Wooden Checker Set

    Checkers has been a family favorite for centuries. A must-have in every home, this wooden checker set was adapted from an antique set in the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation collection. The checkers illustrate different fables from Aesop. Aesop's fables...

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  • Rolling Pin

    The tapered maple rolling pin is especially designed for rolling thin crusts without cutting the dough.  Adds extra fun to baking in the kitchen. Features Solid MapleTreated with Mineral Oil 22"L x 2" dia. tapering to 1" at ends Easy to Use Made...

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  • Short Maple Wooden Spoon

    The versatile short maple wooden spoon is one of the few utensils as essential in today's kitchens as it was 200 years ago. Made in USA. 12"L Features Kiln-Dried Hard Maple Made with 17 Different Hand Processes and Final Polishing Treated with...

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  • Travis House Lantern Black Finish | The Shops at Colonial Williamsburg

    Travis House Lantern Black Finish

    The charming back door lantern of the gambrel-roofed Travis House inspired this one, in glass-paned metal with black powder-coated finish. Hinged top lets you insert a 1 1/2" pillar candle or tea light. Especially effective hanging from our companion...

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  • Thomas Jefferson Sunglasses

    Add a touch of Thomas Jefferson-inspired practicality and fun to your wardrobe with these sunglasses! Choose from adult or child size with blue or green lenses. Features 100% UV protection Adult or child size Williamsburg exclusive! Product...

  • Hotch Potch ABC Cards

    The original hand-tinted print dates from 1782 and shows jovial "Hotchpotch" characters contorting themselves (quite instructively, we might add) into the letters of the alphabet. As was typical at the time, J and U are omitted - most people used I and V...

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  • Round Petal Bowl Tea Caddy Spoon

    Cast from fine non-tarnishing, no-lead pewter, this tea caddy features a short thin fiddle handle and a bowl with chased petals radiating from small central circle. It is a reproduction of a spoon in the Colonial Williamsburg collections. Use it to scoop...

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  • Salt Box

    Decorate your kitchen with an antique-inspired object that once symbolized a warm, welcoming home. Hanging salt boxes were prevalent in 18th-century kitchens throughout the colonies and in parts of Europe. They were hung near fireplaces or stoves because...

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  • Spotted Bird Waterpipe Whistle

    Also known as a "water pipe" or "water warble," these bird whistles are a classic novelty. Bird whistles were popular with 18th-century children and adults. To use, simply fill the whistle with water and then blow gently through it.For best results,...

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  • Thunderglass with Cast Iron Holder

    Forget the weather app on your smartphone! This historically-inspired water barometer, also known as a "weather glass" or "thunderglass," shows one of the earliest known weather forecasting tools. The water level in the spout rises and falls with changes...

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  • Heart Bowl Tea Caddy Spoon

    For the British and American colonialists, tea drinking became a way of life, its ritual habits and charming accessories, like this reproduction pewter tea caddy spoon, still delight and fascinate both the historian and the collector today. While the...

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