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Great Gifts Under $50

These gifts are sure to please - and won't break your budget at $50 or less!  

  • Large Maple Skimmer Spoon | The Shops at Colonial Williamsburg

    Large Maple Skimmer Spoon

    Use this durable Large Maple Skimmer Spoon to skim soups and sauces, remove ravioli from boiling water, blanch fresh vegetables, and more. The perfectly sized holes of this wood skimmer spoon remove liquid quickly without letting food drain through.The...

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  • Alexander Hamilton Signature Notebook - Embossed leather notebook

    Alexander Hamilton Signature Notebook

    Now you can put pen to paper in your very own Alexander Hamilton Signature Notebook, and let his words encourage and inspire you as you record your daily musings. Features Moleskin-like binding Cream paper stock and an elegant ribbon page...

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  • Ben Franklin Quote Pillow

    Ben Franklin Quote Pillow

    Benjamin Franklin once said, "I fear the man who drinks water and so remembers this morning what the rest of us said last night." Here, we've captured his words on a pure cotton embroidered pillow. In 18th-century Europe, where polluted waterways were a...

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  • Rockin' George Washington Adult T-Shirt | The Shops at Colonial Williamsburg

    Rockin' George Washington Adult T-Shirt

    History rocks! This fun Rockin' George Washington T-Shirt is for the history fan with a light-hearted sense of humor. The graphic features George Washington playing an electric guitar, which is most certainly not historically accurate, but if you think...

  • Cream Jug Creamware

    Cream Jug Creamware

    This creamware jug is part of the breakfast set given by Josiah Wedgwood to Queen Charlotte who was so smitten with the delectable china that she allowed him to call it Queensware. The intertwined handle is delicately shaped by hand. The perfect...

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  • Earl Grey Loose Tea

    Earl Grey Loose Tea

    These fine teas, specially blended for Colonial Williamsburg, include varieties that delighted colonial tea enthusiasts. In 1768, colonists consumed more than a million pounds of tea. Their willingness to boycott tea in the 1770s is a testament to their...

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  • Red Earthenware Inkwell | The Shops at Colonial Williamsburg

    Red Earthenware Inkwell

    Add historic charm to your desk with this Red Earthenware Inkwell. This reproduction inkwell would have been a common site to inhabitants of Williamsburg in the 18th century. Made of more common materials, such as earthenware, or finely crafted in...

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  • Rose and Poppy Delft Vase Guest Towels

    Rose and Poppy Delft Vase Guest Towels

    When thinking of spring, it's hard not to think of flowers—especially the beautiful blooms that cover the Governor's Palace gardens. Welcome the blooming season by planting these no-maintenance guest towel beauties in your guest bathroom to add a pop of...

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  • Thistle Pewter Pipe Tamp | The Shops at Colonial Williamsburg

    Thistle Pewter Pipe Tamp

    AUCTION FIND: This pipe tamp is no longer manufactured and is a rare online offering from our Historic Area auction inventory. Don't miss the chance to add one to your collection! This Thistle Pewter Pipe Tamp makes a great gift for pipe smokers,...

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  • Goldfinch Bird Bottle Ornament | The Shops at Colonial Williamsburg

    Goldfinch and Bird Bottle Ornament

    Colonial Williamsburg fans will love to add this Goldfinch and Bird Bottle Ornament to their tree - it features a lovely goldfinch perched on a blue and white delft bird bottle in a snowy scene. The design includes the Colonial Williamsburg logo and a...

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  • Colonial Key Charm

    Colonial Key Charm

    In the 18th century, keys were made in many shapes and sizes. Small ones were used for boxes and dresser drawers, large ones for the box locks found on homes and public buildings. This sterling silver colonial key charm has a special jump ring that...

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