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Great Gifts Under $50

These gifts are sure to please - and won't break your budget at $50 or less!  

  • Governor's Palace Mini Building Blocks | The Shops at Colonial Williamsburg

    Governor's Palace Mini Building Blocks

    Recreate one of Colonial Williamsburg's most famous structures with these fun Governor's Palace Mini Building Blocks. Featuring all the pieces you need to build the regal estate, this package also allows you to add any personal touches you...

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  • Sarah Doll with Blue Cape

    An updated version of our popular Sarah doll, she is wearing a dress made with fabric from our exclusive reproduction line and a blue cape much like what is seen on the streets of Colonial Williamsburg. WILLIAMSBURG exclusive! Product Care Spot...

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  • Virginia Doll

    This new soft doll is named after the youngest child of Lord and Lady Dunmore, born in Williamsburg on December 3rd, 1774. She was christened Virginia in honor of the colony. The doll's beautiful dark pink dress, light pink petticoat and white lace...

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  • Cinnamon Orange Loose Black Tea Canister

    These fine teas, specially blended for Colonial Williamsburg, include varieties that delighted colonial tea enthusiasts. In 1768, colonists consumed more than a million pounds of tea. Their willingness to boycott tea in the 1770s is a testament to their...

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  • Hotch Potch ABC Cards

    The original hand-tinted print dates from 1782 and shows jovial "Hotchpotch" characters contorting themselves (quite instructively, we might add) into the letters of the alphabet. As was typical at the time, J and U are omitted - most people used I and V...

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  • Navy and Red Hotch Potch Velour Doll

    This plush doll is based on the famous 1782 print "The Comical Hotch-Potch of the Alphabet turn'd Posture-Master," a learning tool for children. It shows jovial "Hotchpotch" characters contorting themselves (quite instructively, we might add) into the...

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  • Reproduction Wooden Checker Set

    Checkers has been a family favorite for centuries. A must-have in every home, this wooden checker set was adapted from an antique set in the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation collection. The checkers illustrate different fables from Aesop. Aesop's fables...

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  • Spirit of '76 Drum

    This beautiful Spirit of '76 children's drum masterfully re-creates the drum style of the American Revolution. The high-quality wooden drum replica features bright, vibrant patriotic colors and crisp drum sound. Unlike most toy drums on the market, this...

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  • Ginger Ale of King's Arms Tavern Pint Glass | The Shops at Colonial Williamsburg

    Ginger Ale of King's Arms Tavern Pint Glass

    Fans of our ginger ale will love this Ginger Ale of King's Arms Tavern Pint Glass! This glass features the same graphic found on our ginger ale label in burgundy. Makes a great gift for ginger ale fans and a fun addition to your glassware collection or...

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  • London Blue Topaz Scroll Ring

    A solitaire ring with a very feminine band! Small, graceful scroll of silver with just the right mix of simple and ornate are accented by a striking London Blue topaz. She'll be delighted with this unique ring and captivated by the emerald cut gemstone's...

  • Delft Garden Tea for One

    A classic blue-and-white color palette with an 18th-century delft pottery inspired design, makes this Delft Garden tea-for-one set a timeless addition to the table.  Features Teapot holds 16 oz. Teacup holds 8 oz. 6 1/4"H Porcelain WILLIAMSBURG by...

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