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Biographies & Non-Fiction

  • America: The Pocket Guide

    This tiny guide introduces you to a very big idea: The Idea of America. No matter who you are, where you come from, or what you believe, you are American if you believe in the idea of America. At the heart of America is a great debate. And at the heart...

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  • The Idea of America

    At the heart of America, this book argues, is a great debate. And at the heart of that debate are our shared democratic values: law and ethics, freedom and equality, diversity and unity, common wealth and private wealth. The Idea of America shows how...

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  • Civil War Williamsburg

    Williamsburg is known for its central role in the American Revolution. Less known is that the city also played a role in the Civil War, suffering through a bloody battle on its doorstep and a three-year occupation. Featuring a history of wartime,...

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  • Witchcraft in Colonial Virginia | The Shops at Colonial Williamsburg

    Witchcraft in Colonial Virginia

    Witchcraft in Colonial Virginia by Carson Hudson is a fascinating book about eighteenth-century witchcraft beliefs and trials in Virginia based on actual facts in historical records and not Hollywood myths and modern legends. While the witchcraft mania...

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  • Revolutionary Brothers | The Shops at Colonial Williamsburg

    Revolutionary Brothers

    Steeped in primary sources, Revolutionary Brothers casts fresh light on the remarkable, often complicated, friendship of two extraordinary men - the Marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson. As Lafayette opened doors in Paris and Versailles...

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  • The Journal of Major George Washington

    In 1753, Virginia Governor Dinwiddie appointed 21-year-old Major George Washington to a delicate mission - deliver a letter to the local French commander demanding that he and his forces leave British Territory and bargain for support with the local...

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  • Becoming Americans

    Visitors are fascinated by the authenticity of the historic interpretations at Colonial Williamsburg. This book is a synthesis of the scholarship on which those interpretations are based. It explains how diverse groups of people, holding different and...

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  • The Indian World of George Washington | The Shops at Colonial Williamsburg

    The Indian World of George Washington

    Colin G. Calloway's biography, The Indian World of George Washington, reveals in full the relationship between nation builder George Washington and the Native leaders he dealt with intimately across the decades: Shingas, Tanaghrisson, Guyasuta,...

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  • Mapping Colonial America CD ROM

    Explore maps from Colonial Williamsburg's collection in this interactive CD ROM. The maps, dated from 1587 to 1782, provide an intimate look at the struggles and ambitions of Colonial America's colonists. The exhibition features a zooming tool that...

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  • Physick Medicine in Williamsburg

    The professional practice of medicine and the methods used to treat patients in colonial Williamsburg between 1740 and 1775 are thoroughly explained. Topics include medical theory, education, treatments, surgery, and brief biographical sketches of...

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