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  • Capitol Detail Pendant

    Baroque scrolls surround a central oval in this elegant Capitol Detail Pendant jewelry. This design is based on scrollwork found in Williamsburg's reconstructed Capitol. 1"LFeaturesInspired by Scrollwork on the Second Balcony Iron Railing of the...

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  • Hennell Narrow Cuff Adult Bracelet

    Little curves tempered by crisp angles. You will probably want one of these cuff bracelets for yourself, as well. The delicate openwork design creates a look that is both unusual and classic. Uncommon elegance inspired by a sterling silver salt dish in...

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  • Burgundy Flower Enamel Pendant

    Add a pop of color to your look with the Burgundy Flower Pendant. Featuring an enamel flower against a navy blue background encased in a yellow gold-colored border, this unique sterling silver pendant was inspired by the carpeting at the Colonial...

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  • Peridot Scroll Ring Sterling

    A solitaire ring with a very feminine band! Small, graceful ribbons of silver with just the right mix of simple and ornate scroll are accented by a soothing green peridot. Nicknamed the "Emerald of the Evening" by the ancient Romans, the radiant peridot...

  • Pewter Heart Box

    The return of a classic— in pewter just like the original. Inspired by an antique pewter tobacco box in the Colonial Williamsburg collections. This heart box makes an impressive wedding or anniversary gift— useful, thoroughly romantic storehouses for all...

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  • Baroque Filigree Bracelet

    Inspired by a scrolling design found on a 17th-century map, the Baroque Filigree jewelry collection bespeaks classic style and a penchant for adventure.This bracelet features beautiful ornate scroll with accent designs on each side, creates an elegant...

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  • Capitol Charm

    Colonial Williamsburg's elegant brick Capitol building is a reconstruction of the original, completed in 1705. One wing housed the General Court and the Council Chamber, the other the House of Burgesses and committee rooms. Handmade in the USA...

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  • Cocked Hat Charm

    The sterling silver hand-made Cocked Hat Charm is a wonderful way honor the stylish gentleman of the 18-century! Black felt three-cornered hats were the headwear of choice for stylish 18th-century gentlemen. The hats were often "cocked" so a gentleman...

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  • Dogwood Sterling Silver Charm

    In spring, the dogwood's white flowers provide a lacy counterpoint to the greening leaves of Virginia's woods. The trees were also grown in many Williamsburg gardens. Today, the dogwood is Virginia's state flower. Handmade in the USA. Sterling Silver...

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  • Garnet Fern Leaf Ring

    An oval garnet stone is offset by a wide textured sterling silver and yellow gold plate band with a fern leaf look that is completely unique and tastefully modern. Available in sizes 6-9. Features Garnet; sterling silver and yellow gold plate Available...

  • Governor's Palace Charm, Sterling Silver

    Among the colony's grandest houses, the Governor's Palace was a vivid symbol of England's power and influence. After the Revolution, it served as home to Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson, the first two governors of the Commonwealth of Virginia. This...

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  • Large William and Mary Pendant with Chain

    Symmetrical swirls give this elegant jewelry majestic allure. The cipher design, an entwined W and M, was inspired by the royal monogram of England's King William III and Queen Mary II. Beautifully made of solid sterling silver with a chain each pendant...

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  • Oval Silverplate Box

    A simple silver gift box to suit your needs. Affordably priced (so inexpensive you can give in multiples!), this oval lidded keepsake is perfect as a bridesmaid gift, baby gift, jewelry box, graduation present, and more. Personalize the Oval Keepsake Box...

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  • Petite Scroll Hoop Earrings

    These petite sterling silver Scroll Hoop Earrings are small, graceful scrollings of silver - just the right mix of simple and ornate. As found at Colonial Williamsburg's historic Golden Ball jeweler (where George Washington once shopped!)...

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  • Sapphire Crystal Stud Earrings

    Inspired by an 18th-century portrait of a moneyed woman in the Colonial Williamsburg archives, this collection of Sapphire Crystal jewelry is an attention-stealing ensemble ideal for any woman's sartorial repertoire. The stud earrings, featuring blue...

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  • White Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

    Express regal elegance and classic style with this white freshwater pearl bracelet. The bracelet, featuring a round sterling silver clasp, encompasses the wrist with grace and subtle beauty. 7"L. Features Freshwater pearl Sterling silver clasp 7"L...

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  • "You and No Other" Silver Ring

    Let him or her know its "Vous et nul Autre" (you and no other) with a simple and elegant sterling silver ring. This reproduction ring is engraved in French in Gothic script based on the inscription found on an original poesy ring, now in the British...